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10 ways to go on a date during lockdown 2020

10 ways to go on a date during lockdown 2020

Imagine yourself in the old titanic days, when you’ll have to exchange letters with the love of your life. Just to keep sparking up your love life. Sometimes the letter might take days to deliver or arrive, yet you’ll always fantasize about what the content of the letter could be his/her style of writing, the color of the pen used to write such a letter. Is it your favorite color or his favorite.

Anyways, that is for titanic days! Wake up! This is 2020.

While millions of people will not be able to go on romantic dates to that 7-star restaurant, beach, cafe, and resorts centers, due to the recent self-isolation caused by the notorious Covid-19, also coupled with the fact that many will not be allowed to be together during this period, there are still some special ways to spark up your love life.

Here are some 10 ways to go on a date during the lockdown

Facetime date: too many long-distance dating guys, facetime could be a regular thing for them. To our newcomers, I’ll say you’re welcome to the club. The fact is that you will not be able to touch yourself, but trust me you could do a whole lot of interesting things together. You could have dinner together, watch yourselves while you roam about your apartment in pants, even take a shower, watch yourself cook your favorite dishes e.t.c. you could even watch a movie together and profess love to yourselves in different love languages.

Whatsapp chats
: while a lot of people have been acquainted with WhatsApp apps as a tool for chat, it is one of the mediums for dating during the recent lockdown 2020.

How can you go on a date on a WhatsApp app? Do not worry, it is the easiest thing to do.
Book a time for your date, and dial your date’s contact when both of you are ready. Mind you, you can order some food and drinks for yourselves (home delivery).

Talk about your childhood experience, work, family, things you have in common e.t.c

Jake shared his experience on how he had a lovely date night with a lady he recently met on Naughty Adult dating site according to him, We had our first date about two days ago through the WhatsApp app. We had booked an appointment and ordered our favorite wine delivered to us at our various homes.
We settled in at exactly the time we agreed to meet and it was specifically so interesting. We listened to different music together, played online games and talked about our different childhood experiences.

We look up to having another date on Friday. I would say our previous date was quite interesting. The only thing that was absent was the touch.

Watch a movie and review it together: “one of the most fantastic ways of going on a date during lockdown is to pick a favorite movie and review it together on a video call” say, Rowland, a New Yorker. “ I and my date picked up a favorite movie, took our time to watch the movie and reviewed it together with a bottle of champagne during a late-night date. It was a very wonderful discussion. Each of us analyzed the movie from different perspectives.

Organize a party for yourselves: you can organize a party, get some drinks and chill out while you teach yourselves some dance steps. This is crazy right? I thought so too, but it’s actually one of the best ways to go on a date during the currently forced self-isolation. Get on a video call, play that love song you like to hear and dance to the rhythm of the blues.

I initially assumed that organizing an online party between I and Rowland was an awkward idea, I was totally wrong, I danced my ass out. He taught us different styles of dance steps which we couldn’t have practiced on my own.

With this, you are using a single stone to catch two birds. While you guys dance, you also exercise yourselves.

Mind you, you’ll have to get to a particular stage of rapport before you initiate such an idea.

Relax yourself, and make this current moment an experience that will never be easily erased on your mind.