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Intimate relationship with no sex
New dating site are launched every day, each claiming to be different and unique to the next, the truth is they are all more or less the same, perhaps one has a better matchmaking software than the other or one uses a better matching algorithm than the next, but if you look at the underlining proposition behind each “unique dating site” they are offering to help you find a soul mate, a sex partner ( in case of naughty dating sites ) but non of them actually deconstruct the package we all assume comes with dating, namely, sexual relationship, intimacy and so on, with the sexual element featuring very highly on the dating package.

The fact that completely remove the sexual element from the dating package is what is very different and refreshing about it. Just like every dating site, 2date4love is bringing men and women together, where they are different is their USP which is displayed clearly on their home page “2date4love enables people who cannot engage in sexual intercourse to meet and experience love, companionship and intimacy at its deepest level” .

Because majority of the population do not have issues with having sex, most dating sites just assume sex is part of what you are looking for when you join a dating site, but reading “out story” page on will open your eyes to the fact that some people may actually want to have sex but they cannot. They fact that you are not able to have sex does not mean you do not want intimate relationship, love, companionship and other warm glowing feeling being in love brings to the human Psyche.

For all those singles out there who are looking for a partner but you are not able to or you do not want to have sex, a dating site setup for people just like you is here, you want to check it out as you may just find your dream partner there.