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Would you pay the bill of complete stranger on their first date?

This is a story of love, kindnes and generousity as a complete stranger paid the bill of a couple on their first date. The story was sourced from BBB’s website:

A stranger paid for a new couple’s first date after hearing them discussing their money troubles.

The woman heard Alex Doyle, 23, and Zoe Paton, 21, talking in their parked car in Launceston, Cornwall.

Unemployed Mr Doyle was apologising to his girlfriend of two months for not being able to afford to take her out for an official first date.

The passerby insisted on giving them £50 so they could “make some memories”.

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Mr Doyle, who has been unemployed for two months, said he was so overwhelmed by the kind gesture that he cried and was unable to thank the stranger properly

Dinner and a movie

He said although his girlfriend works he did not want to go on a date until he could afford to pay for it, and he “felt really bad” that he could not do so.

The couple were parked by Roadford Lake and Miss Paton was telling him “it felt like he had given up looking for work”.

The car window was slightly open and the woman approached the car saying she had overheard them and wanted to give them some money.

The pair spent the money on a meal in Plymouth and a trip to the cinema to see Ouija: Origin of Evil.

Mr Doyle says he wants to thank their benefactor for her generosity.