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mail order bride site

Claiming to have more than 8,000 Russian brides ready to be “mailed”, is one of the most popular mail order brides dating site throughout the whole world. Being in this industry for more than 10 years and with owners being themselves a Russian/USA couple, this website is probably the best choice for those singles searching for straight-to-the-point women from the former USSR and by knowing they are amongst the most beautiful women on Earth their chances are up in the sky of ending up with a ripped-soul trying to get into a long-lasting romance.

As with any other dating site, the registration is quite simple: just press a button, fill-in some personal details, upload a photo and you are done: start browsing through over 8,000 hot women ready to find a foreign husband. Whether you are searching for someone that is aged between let’s say 21-25 or even searching for another single parent, this website offers the opportunity of going one step further and only browse among the women that have the exact characteristics as you may want. On the other hand, this will not be a hassle-free task while most women are gorgeous and their pages look exactly like models’ one, with professional and attractive photos.

Browsing through registered ladies is one thing, contacting them is another thing that asks for a fee. However, founders of thought about everything and there are multiple options to contact a lady:

–    Initial email contacts can be made at the cost of $16/2 credits
–    Phone contact ($5.75/minute, minimum 5 minutes talking)
–    Reserving a call only costs $3.99/minute and if you do not get along with the woman you have been talking to, your amount will be refunded goes one step further when compared to other mail-order-bride websites and offers “matchmaking tours” as well, tours where you can meet face to face with the person you like, talk and from there on, it is only up to you whether you want to get into something more serious or not.