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If Internet dating websites in married and affairs dating niche are to be compared with cars, some of them will be clapped out ford fiestas, others will be middle of the range company cars and a handful can be compared with top of the range Rolls Royce. Could Ashley Madison fall into the Rolls Royce category? With its sleek user friendly design, a guarantee that they will have you have and affair, perhaps Ashley Madison could be described as a top of the range cheating and affairs website.

Well, that is what the website promise, the question is can the site deliver on its promises? Perhaps it does for its principal audience which are US residents, for UK surfers looking for a discreet affairs website I doubt if the site can deliver. A test profile was created on the site by this author to look “under the bonnet” that was where the illusion of a Rolls Royce of married dating site started unravelling.

The registration process was quite simple and smooth, though the original intention was to search or browse profile of existing members first, that was not possible without registering first. As it is often the case at website of this site, my preferred user name was already take and I was offers variants with numbers appended to the preferred users name. User name sorted, the profile searching started.

The first shocking and extremely annoying thing was that, despite giving a London post code, most of the profiles on the search result page were from various places in England but London. This tends to be one of the weaknesses of US and other international dating sites targeting UK users, the can’t seem to know that members who live in Nottingham are not local to members who lives in London.

While just coming to terms with the profiles of women from Oxfordshire, Kent and other parts of England with a sprinkling of London profile now and again, I got invitation for a chat from a “member” and I was invited to buy credit so that I can chat with that members. I have only been on the site for less than 2 minutes, how could another member possibly have horned in on me so quickly?

I had a look around the site a bit more, saw the payment structure which seem to be based on credits which starts from £49 for the basic introductory package to £249 for the 1,000 credit package and not forgetting £19.99 joining fee. Using you credits does not seem to be based on a time scale but on the actions you perform on the website for example a chat with another members could cost say 10 credits.

After my very brief time at Ashley Madison, the impression I come of with is that I will not be visiting the site any time soon nor recommend it to someone based in the UK looking for a good affordable affairs dating site.