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BlackDating site review

dating for black people

Most people don’t care anymore nowadays about the skin color of their friends and lovers, whether we see Asians dating with white people, Muslims with black people or Indians with Caucasians; it’s all about finding the perfect match to spend some precious time with or even a whole life, as married couple. has created a social networking site, site that is meant to be the only free black dating site from the UK and US. Even though the registration is open for everybody from the United States and from the United Kingdom, the site’s main purpose is getting together people of black colour to find their love but also, people of other races are invited to join this dating website.

Secondly, even though this site requires a membership fee from its members, they have a special offer nowadays: they offer a 12 months out of cost membership to every new member. Therefore, 12 months of free membership for the new users, membership that allows them to become premium users and be able to use all the features offered by the website. For example, after they have finished filling their personal profile, members are offered full access to the chat rooms, as well as they can send and receive real time messages from other registered members of this site.

As well, as the safety of its members is considered to be the most important, there are some great safety tips that worth a read in order not to have any problems with possible scammers or bad intended people. These tips are given just as a safety measure, as it is known that many problems occurred online, whether we are talking about email scam or dating sites scam.

As for the interface of the website, this is extremely easy to use for regular “surfers” and not only.. Once people have registered, they can use the quick search menu from the right part of their profile page. At the moment, they can search for members from every part of the UK, and also, if they are from the US, they can search other members from their area after their zip code. However, according to this website, most registered members come from the United Kingdom.

On top of all, also offers a press release service; by checking the press release page, registered members will find out about the new features that they will be offered and any other news the owners of this website considered to be worthy for their users.