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The question often arises as to which comes first, the chicken or the egg? The correct answer seems to be a forgone conclusion but it’s probably a question every new dating site needs to grapple with, how do you attract users to a new dating site with zero membership? is one such new dating website. A representative of the site who did not give his or her contacted Top UK Dating Sites via email and said “members of Can U Keep Secretes can do the following: members can either have a free membership (where they can create their profile, read emails, send kisses and flirts, post pictures write blogs, etc.) and a paid membership (that also allows members to write messages, read other blogs, upload videos and audio clips, enter our chatroom as well as use our IM feature among other features) for only $9.99 per month. Payment methods accepted are credit cards, debit cards, echecks, all through PayPal. Members have total control over their account and can cancel their membership at any time through their PayPal. “ The services is said to offer is all well and good, a test account was created on the site to see it functionalities, there was really nothing that differentiate the site from thousands of other dating sites online, as a matter of fact, if I was looking for a dating site, nothing I saw at the site will make me join, especially if I am a woman, not just by the fact that its relatively new and have barely any members but the fact that many things on the site does not seem to be quite ready yet. I also find the advertisement on most of the site pages an irritating distraction from what I came to the site for which is to find a date and not to be bombarded with video games advertisement which includes one that points a rather large gun at me. Perhaps with time, the owner of the site will add the required finishing touches and include features that differentiate it from other dating sites in its niche. You can check Can U Keepsecrets our by clicking this link. You can discuss this post and other dating related blogpost at UK Webmaster Forum