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August Bank Holiday 2016 Weekend Dating Sites Discount Offers

This bank holiday weekend is a perfect time to find a date and possibly enjoy all or part of the long bank holiday weekend with someone new. Here are some websites Top UK Dating site thinks you could visit to find a compatible single this bank holiday weekend. For those of you who are not […]

Online Dating Industry Facts 2015

Online dating can be either one of the most stressful activities you can take part in or it can be one of the most entertaining, depending on each individual’s situation. For those people with an outgoing personality, meeting strangers online for dating will probably be quite exciting. On the other hand, shy people will likely […]

Should you be a bad guy to get the girls?

We have all seen the films, you know the ones where the tough men always get the girls. And remember those days at school, the bad guys always got the hottest girls. You felt they were not interested in you because these gorgeous girls always wanted the bad guys. Confused yet? Here’s the thing, the […]

May Bank Holiday 2012 – Find A Date To Spend It With

If the chill is gone and bees are buzzing in the blossomed trees, it has to be May, one of the warmest, perfumed and most joyful months of the year. But such good times cannot go unnoticed and the season of summer knocking on the door deserves a special celebration, one that only the British […]

Swoon Review

There are plenty of dating websites online today, from free to paid subscription, and those which cover all manner of niches, and as such, the intrepid ‘online dater’ is becoming more careful about where they sign up to find love. One very attractive option online today is Swoon. Swoon has the catchy name, colourful logo […]