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Dating Sites Niches Explained Top UK Dating Sites

Welcome to Top UK Dating Site, a leading web portal for information about online dating websites. We help visitors to our website, to make sense of the myriad of online dating sites and apps available today.  There are many platforms available for singles in the UK looking for the best website or app to use […]

Singles Black Dating Site – UK Dating Site Just for Black Singles

One of the signs that online dating is maturing is the rise of niche dating sites and the decline in the power of huge multinational dating sites that tries to be all things to all men in terms of dating online. These days in the online dating market place small niche sites are thriving, to […]

Christian Dating Site UK – Just for christian singles

When you are thinking of a Christian country, UK may not be the first country that comes to mind, however if you look at the facts, UK actually have a large population of Christians, millions of then in fact. Whilst you may not associate UK with bible bashing or extremely conservative brands of Christianity millions […]

Dominatrix Dating Site – New site where domme meet subs

Domme Dating Site – Niche dating site for domme and subs An awful lot of niche dating sites are coming online all the time. Recently, a website just for divorces was launched, no word on the take up of the site yet. Another niche dating site recently launched was, as the name indicates, its […]

Crazy Like You – Dating site for people with mental health issue

Crazy Like You – Dating & Friendship Site with a difference Haven reviewed quite a few dating sites over the years, they are all beginning to look and sound alike, especially dating sites powered by whitelable dating. When the message requesting review of Crazy Like You was received, it was a welcome break from reviewing […]