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10 Ways Dating Etiquette Has Changed Over the Years

Sometimes when you read a female dating profile, especially women over 30 you tends to read things like “is there any gentlemen left out there” and other words which basically indicated that they are looking for a cultured man, there seem to be a shortage of such men these days.
Some argued that feminism has its part to play in changing men from gentle and respectful of women to becoming more aggressive and less courteous to ladies. A poster promoting a record depicts a man and a woman with speech bubble from the man asking the woman “You want equality? then its your round at the bar”.

An article by Top Dating Sites explore how things has changed between men and women from the dating viewpoint. The article titled “10 ways dating etiquette has changed over the years” is an excellent exploration of the subject. Except from the article listing the first 4 items follows:

1. Blessed is the father who refuses to allow his daughter to go running to a car that has parked on the street or in the driveway, and the driver has just honked the horn!
2. Or like this one: Blessed is the father who requires he meet a young man before he allows his daughter to go anywhere with him.
3. Blessed is the young man who is willing to come to the door and greet the girl’s parents, dressed appropriately, willing to extend his hand – ready with a strong hand shake, and a “my name is Joe Blow, nice to meet you.”
4. Blessed is the young man who opens the door for his date.

You can read the full article here.