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Cheating on your wife or husband no longer a big deal

cheatin husbands
Quite often in contentious issues and in wars (in the olden days) the message or bearer of bad new is shot. What people who tends to shoot the messenger fail to take into account is that the messenger is just the bearer of new and not responsible for the new itself.

One popular women magazine program on BBC radio, dating sites that help married men and women or people in long term relationship find a person to cheat on their partner with are being accused of providing terrible services that break up relationships. What present of the programme and others attacking married dating sites fail to see is that the sites are just providing services, like the messenger, just bearing news. If we want to criticise marital infidelity, we need to look deep withing the society and withing ourselves.

Attitudes to fidelity, marriage, long term relationships are all being reevaluated in this modern times. There are several indications that points to the fact that modern couples do not value the marriage vows that their parents and the parents before their parents hold very dearly. This days, about 50% of all marriages ends in divorce, one of both couples in a marriage do have an affair at some points in the relationship.

A very revealing survey was published recently which suggest that about 23% of men cheat on their wife when they are having sex related problem in the bedroom to prove to themselves that the problem is not necessarily caused by them. The expert who conducted the survey was quoted “Those who have any number of sexual concerns are more likely to be unfaithful. What we’ve interpreted from this is that people with problems in the bedroom, where their issues can become a self-fulfilling prophecy are more likely to look outside their relationship”.

The above survey which sums of attitude to fidelity in relationship also laid bare the reason for the proliferation of married dating sites. There are hundreds of married dating sites in UK, only five of them are very well know, in USA the same figures is true and the phenomenon of married dating sites is springing up all over the Western World with those that has established a brand in one country taking the brand to the next for example Ashley Madison in US competing in UK with home grown married dating sites such as very naughty married dating.

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