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With the multitude of dating sites available nowadays it is always a tough decision whether one should register on a particular website or on another one, even on multiple websites for higher success rate. Depending on what someone is looking for, that person could choose from literally thousands of websites related to casual dating, mature dating, speed dating and so on, but it is so difficult to make a clear selection between bad or good websites.

Coming with something new in this industry seems almost impossible while all the niches seem to be saturated, however AvailableForDating seems to have found a « door » to become a fancy dating website. Being registered on a dating site does not necessarily mean that you are always ready to date, there are times when you are not in the mood for this and that is exactly the major point this website relies on. It was created as a dating site where registered members can choose to become « not available for dating » – and then they do not appear in a search result – or « available for dating » which means full exposure.

Registration is made through a simple process and there are three types of membership available : Free, PAYGO and VIP Membership, each being available for any future member’s requirements. Although the free membership allows only 3 pitches (messages) for contacting other members and does not feature the free members in the search results, paid memberships allow even unlimited pitches (for VIP membership), being featured in search results and many other goodies.

After the registration process a person can start sending pitches, get in touch with other members and go dating. As a gift from the website owner, every new member receives 5 free pitches to start sending messages to other interesting members. Although buying pitches might be the easiest way when someone has no more pitches left, this websites also features the possibility of receiving free pitches in exchange of completing surveys or try some products, depending on what their partners have to offer. seems to have found a way to stand up from the crowds and being different in the online dating industry could do the trick.