Select Page is one the most unique dating sites, mainly because in concentrates on a single niche: it is trying to bring together classical music fans all over UK. After all, classical music does not have anymore the popularity that is used to have, and more than that, in the modern society, fans of this kind of music are considered to be “weirdos”.

As it is more of a dating site, distinguishes itself by its modern, and yet simple design based on white and black, just like the notes from the musical note book. Moreover, this site functions also as a matrimonial agency, agency that can arrange speed dating, one-to-one dates, as well as it can offer the regular services offered by most of the matrimonial agencies.

As concerning to its members privacy, is more than just serious from this point of view: all the profiles are visible to every user, as well as the basic information (for example, what people like, what is their marital status and so on), but not everybody can see the pictures of the already existent members.

For those who know that they do not know how do deal with their dates, the agency can put them in contact with a dating specialist (more of a shrink), that can teach every member how to act and speak during his or her dates. From this point of view, a big “plus” for, as not a lot of matrimonial agencies tend to have that much care of its clients.

Further more, the site has a press centre/blog section, where members can find out the latest news concerning, news like the upcoming events (speed dates) or even successful stories of their members.

As it is one of the most serious matrimonial agencies, this site has fees that some of the people might considerate extremely big. For example, the annual fee is somewhere around £350 plus the monthly accommodation fees that can go up to £25. Still, these are the fees for the basic membership. If it comes to golden membership, the annual fees can go up to £750 plus the monthly accommodation fees that can go up to £50.

Even though some of the people might considerate these fees way to big, they should keep in mind that among the included services, there are services like personal or telephone interviews, client profile preparation (so the users won’t feel awkward at the upcoming dates), and even free sessions with Paula Harvan Rosdol, their official dating adviser.

That said, it is obvious that it is quite worthy for every UK classical music fan and single person to become a member of, as due to the professionalism of the team there is a big chance for them to find their perfect date and maybe a partner for life.