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Niche and special interest dating website are quite good, they are very focused on people with tightly defined criteria and preferences in a date together, this is good. General dating sites be even better. You get to meet people with diverse interest and backgrounds most of which you could never have meet at a niche dating site. I’m Yours UK dating is one of such general dating sites.

I’m Your UK dating
started life as a free dating website about 9 years ago with a basic dating software created by the founder of the site. Over the years as membership of the site grows, the software that powers the site got more sophisticated culminating in the last software used for the site till present day.

ImYours has now join forces with a network of small dating sites like it self on one of the fastest growing dating website network in UK today. The new platform ImYours uses have one of the most advanced and sophisticated dating modules you can find in the industry. Some of the features I’m Your boasts of includes:

* Advance search (this help users find matching profile quicker.
* Auto-match. (If you don’t want to search, no problem, auto-match will do the searching and matching for you.
* Winks. (Saw a member that you fancy? wink at him or her and see where things go from there.
* Chats & PM. (Chat with other members, whether for fun or to flirt.
* Favourites. Do don’t need pen and paper to list your favourite members, do it with our favourites tool.
* Latest members. (Tired of seeing the same old profile? The system can alert you when a fresh blood joins.
* Who is online. (This helps you see who is and who is not online.

I’m Yours set up the dating profile section of their site on a sub domain called Come Get Me . To learn more about I’m Yours or to use their dating system you just need to visit the UK Dating section and you can register for free and put the aforementioned features to test.