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Dating Site for singles over 40

Categorising people over the age of 35 is potentially one of the most contentious things you can do these days. People in this age group are sometime described as veterans (In long distance running for example), on the way to middle age. The most flattering description of people of this age group up I come across recently was “youth group” which is what the LDWA (long distance walkers association) wants to call a new group for under 45 they are setting up.

In terms of dating sites such as Confident Life and other online dating sites targeting singles aged 40 and over, the word “mature” tends to be used A lot. This is also quite contentious as some 40+ singles do not agree that they are withing the ‘mature’ group till thy are over 50. Contentious description aside, Confident Life is one of hundreds of online dating site aimed at singles over the age of 40, this niche of dating site are usually called mature dating niche.

It is know that singles in the aforementioned age grouping have a very different lifestyle, romantic expectation and needs from the younger and much more vibrant 20-39 age group. Reviewing Confident Life is quite and interesting task given that the site really does not have anything of significance that differentiates it from other dating sites for mature singles. Confident Life claimed to have been online since 2006 and have thousands of members.

Confident Life appears to be powered by White Label Dating platform from global personals which mean many of their members are probably one other dating sites under different brand but all in all this is a strength for Confident Life because various dating brands with the white label platform brings new members continuously.

You can read about other mature dating sites by using the search function at Top UK Dating Sites, if you know of a site for over 40 that we have not reviwed, contact us via the dating site review page.