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Adult Cougar Dating Site

Cougar Dating Websites seem to have something in common with London buses, you wait a long time for one and suddenly half a dozen buses arrive at once; route master, double-Decker, bendy buses et al. Top UK Dating Sites was made aware of a niche cougar dating site for Lesbians only a few months again, last week, we were introduced to another cougar dating site, the apply named Cougar Dating Site. design is quite nice, excellent colour scheme throughout the website. The call to action link for new members who wants to register and returning members who wants to login to the site are right at the top right hand corner of the website making registering or joining the site easy and straight forward.

The left side of the site features a search box you can use to search for cougars matching criteria or cougars can use the form to search for man that meet the kind of profile and location of the man they are after. Below the quick search box are pictures of cougars on the prowl.

Cougar Dating Site seem to be aimed at women of about 35 years of age and older. Being an adult dating site, Cougar Dating Site is not the place to look for they live happily ever after kind of relationship, it is a site for casual adult dating, which also mean that membership for women is free. Though men are invited to register free as well but most adult dating site make you upgrade your account to paying account before you can contact a woman.

Cougar Dating Site is powered by White Label Dating, this means it got a huge database of members, this also means it has exactly the same features and membership base like hundreds of other White Label Dating powered website such as Granny Dating and others. The site is trying to distinguish itself from the rest by blogging about Cougar related news and information.

The site still has quite a lot of work to do to for it to create its own identity and claim ownership of the niche its trying to occupy, perhaps starting from creating a quality about us page that states the USP of Cougar Dating Site instead of copying and pasting parts of the terms of While Label Dating.

You can join Cougar Dating Site or find out more information about the site by visiting Cougar Dating Site.