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Apparently a new dating phenomenon is emerging in US, mainly for daters using their mobile phone to receive dating alerts. Apparently date of the date is modelled after groupon. The dating expert who reveal this new trend in his blog “online dating insider” is not convinced this is the way to go with mobile/online dating, he has this to say about the date of the day trend “Featured date sites are a trend, which are going to require expensive marketing budgets to get any traction. They are not going to go viral like group buying sites. I won’t mind yet another dating site email every week, but I imagine the featured daters are going to be hedge fund managers, pilots, models and other ridiculously gorgeous folks. 10 points to the first site to show a fat ugly dude on the homepage, because thats reality, not Corbis stock photo hotties.”

Do you agree with him or you rather think this is the future of mobile dating? feel free to comment about it on online dating insider of on this post.

As new dating trend goes, one that I am not particular keen about is the feature most UK dating site seem to be adding to their website where every cough and sneeze of by a profile you may be interested in is sent to you via email. You get emails telling you x has just updated her profile, X has just tweaked her photo etc etc, its utterly boring. I know there is the option to unsubscribe but nevertheless its a daft feature as far as I am concerned.