Select Page claims to be the premier online dating site in the UK and boasts of adding thousands of fresh members week after week. Most of its features are pretty common to other top dating sites in the UK, but at a reasonable price and that may be one of the reasons for its continued popularity. Its quick search and advanced search options are very user friendly and makes it easy for a member to seek a partner of his choice.

The site is specific about the range of information that you need to provide about yourself after you log in. So there is a Basic section where you need to just provide information about your name, age, email address, what kind of a relationship you are looking for, are you seeking a man or a woman. This sets the ground for some more detailed information in the About Me section where other facts about your self like your physical appearance, academic qualifications, and ethnicity are sought. The Fun Facts section opens you to the visitors in terms of your hobbies, food interests, sports and political inclination.

You can then say a lot more about yourself in the Essays section and the site has made things easier for you to put down specifics in prompting you with relevant questions like: Who am I and what would I like to do on the first date? What have I learnt from my past relationships? This ensures that people just do not ramble and provide vague and unnecessary information about them selves. By putting down things clearly, all members are benefitted and there is less wastage of time trying to read between the lines.

You are then encouraged to upload your most recent photograph, which shows only you dressed decently and even as a general tip, you will be well advised to post your latest photograph, where you can be seen clearly and in an attire that is not outrageously sexy or revealing.

Next is the Ideal Match section and this is where you can be really clear about the partner you are seeking. Do not fall into the trap of putting down criteria that you find within your self as most people are likely to do. You must utilise the space to be quite reasonable and realistic about your expectations from your partner. There is no need for extremes – either seeking a mirror image of your self or seeking an absolute contrast. The suggestion is to find a balance between the two and articulate it such that there is no ambiguity in what you are seeking from your partner.

Upon completion of these details, you can make use of a range of services and features provided by to check out people who are compatible with your requirements and maintain sustainable contact with them. Other features like Who’s viewed me, where you can information about members who have viewed your profile and Think you’d Click?, where you can get a much better perspective of whether somebody is interested in you. These two features help you zero in on your prospective partner as you can be sure that there is some attraction that is mutual and you stand a better chance to succeed.

Other notable features such as My Recent Matches and My favorites enable you to keep a close tab on the members you are compatible with and that is one more important step towards finding and deciding on your preferred partner. The Who’s online feature can be useful when you want quick responses from a member and so are the chat rooms, where you can send real-time messages making use of the instant messenger service. offers a useful community forum interface where you can share your views and thereby come across interesting people who may share the same views. It is also a good learning ground for imbibing new ideas. A variety of topics get discussed on these forums and that should broaden your horizon.

To summarise, does offer a good range of useful features with a free membership with some more thrown in with a Premium one such as:

Sending and receiving emails

Create your own e cards

Get full access to the communities section

Use instant messaging