Select Page has become extremely popular and is rated as the hottest dating site. Surfing statistics have shown that anybody visiting the site spends a minimum of 20 minutes browsing the site as opposed to just 3 minutes that people normally spend at other dating sites. The site has over 3 million members and everybody can look forward to something that would be of use to them. The innovative features on this site make it a pleasure browsing the site and its easy to use design makes sure that people are able to navigate around without difficulty.

Initially, the differences between the gold and platinum memberships are not apparent, but you will soon find out that as a platinum member, you become more easily accessible to other members and they can contact you without needing to make any payment for membership. This opens up tremendous possibilities and you become visible to so many potential partners, that you are sure to find a date of your choice sooner than later. If there is one shortcoming in the facilities provided by this site, it is the absence of any free trial period that most other dating sites offer. This shortcoming makes it difficult for you to test out different options like standard, gold or platinum memberships and finally settle for the one you prefer.

One attractive feature of this site is their 6 months Love Guarantee. Upon subscribing to this 6 month platinum membership, if you are unable to find a partner within 6 months, you are entitled to another period of 6 months of membership. The procedure is simple and you only have to email them the request. There are no questions asked and that has made the site very popular with a lot of members.

The other feature is the Personal Ratings one which helps a member to rate the photographs of other members. The moderators make sure that comments and suggestions are looked into and edited before posting them. This facility opens up the possibility of you getting a date, if your comments on a particular photograph have been liked by that member, as it clearly shows your interest. The fact that you can also line up 12 photos of your self and post them on the site also improves the chances of you finding a suitable date since other members can get a better idea about your personality.

Other features include the facility of sending video, emails and chat messages to the person you are interested in. These facilities enable you to see the person, speak real time and understand about the possibility of the date materializing or not. Of course, these facilities are only available to members who have subscribed. Other facilities include the option to either look for a casual no-strings relationship or for friendship and fun by sending flirty messages. Strong customer service and other events organised by the site, makes it easier for members to meet with each other and seek a partner of choice.