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dating for west indian folks

Whether we are talking about adult dating, mature dating or Asian dating, niche dating sites seem to perfectly fit in this industry while they fill the gap left in this industry by general dating websites. With their popularity increasing each day it was just a matter of time to see very targeted niche dating sites coming into the spotlights. Today, we shall focuse on, a website that caters to bring together single West Indian folks from all over the world.

Launched in 2004, this dating site seems to be a perfect choice for thousand of single Carribean to gather all in one place, chat and network with other singles, all with no costs. This is not a regular dating site but it also seems to be a more social networking one while they offer so many popular services from dating to blogs, music, photos and so on.

The guys at claim this website brings all those features with no costs involved, comparing its functionalities with a “ but without any costs”. According to real-time statistics, the website has about 3800 members, not a huge number when compared to large dating websites but only targeted, West Indian singles or not, trying to establish new connections with people all over the Globe.

General features like instant messaging, photo exchange and profiles checking are also offered for free, this being an extremely huge advantage brought by this site. Moreover, this website holds many dating events and claims to sponsor college parties for speed dating events or even cricket tournaments. Lots of feature for free, however this website seems to have a problem with spamming while even from the beginning, the homepage featuring a “what’s new” real time updating “goodie” presents the visitors lot of spam, whether we are talking about online medication all sports equipment. They should really do something with that spam while many people could avoid registering this website because of its low security preventing online spam.

Another minus is that recently, this website’s interface was changed with a more user-friendly one. No, this is not a minus at all, but the problem is the new site was developed on a new platform and all registered members should create their profiles from scratch thus leading to a mass-profiles loss. Some might easily get over the hassles of setting up a new profile, however others might not feel so comfortable with creating their profiles again. Maybe more attention to details would make things better and the next review for will have more pluses than minuses.