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Welcome to Top UK Dating Sites, a review site for online dating, social networking and other online medium that bring singles together. We review dating websites from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, with the hope that singles in the aforementioned countries looking for love online may use the information this site has gathered about online dating sites to make informed decision on the site to use to find love online.

Occasionally we review dating websites that are not based in the UK, however such sites are used by people from UK, this means you may find USA dating online sites and possibly other English language online singles websites such Asian site used by UK men looking for Thai bride. We also review Russian and Ukrainian brides websites. We invite webmasters and site owners of to contact us if you want your site reviewed.
For visitors who are only interested in finding the best UK dating sites, you may want to visit our Top 5 Dating Sites Review section to quickly read about the leading dating agency that brings people together.

Reviews of the top 5 UK dating sites

It is almost the end of 2009, Christmas shopping has started in earnest, the stress of Christmas and the New Year tends to cause a lot of tension between couples, it is said that quite a number of people split up over the Christmas and New Year period making the period immediately after the festive season one of the busiest for dating sites as newly single men and women look for a new partner. We are using this section to review the top 5 UK dating sites in the UK should you find yourself unexpectedly single after the 2009/2010 Christmas/New Year period.

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7 Responses to “Dating Site Reviews”

  1. Ambrish says:

    The growth is UK online dating is not only increasing the efforts that all sites have to put in but also bringing in new techniques and innovative ideas that may change the way people will start using online dating. the sites that are providing mobile dating will definitely have an edge.

  2. Trevor Mayes says:

    Just about every site is maxed out with ideas to persuade people to join, and it looks as if free dating for women is going to become the norn. I wonder is that discrimination?

  3. Singles says:

    I have been using online dating sites since 2002 and now it seems to be the peak in Australia. There seem to be more free dating sites as well for both male and female. We all used to think online dating is just for geeks and weirdos but now 1 in 5 people seem to have joined some sort of dating site in Sydney.

  4. Trevor, I think it’s a reasonable ploy to be honest and I very much doubt it’s discrimination, you get offers like this all over the place. Well, in fact, anywhere that there’s too many men!

  5. Asian Online Dating says:

    Why are thousands of men flocking to meet English women? A UK online dating site will tell you … UK dating sites are so much fun and your list of blogs and sites really help getting on there.

  6. Elisha Thompson says:

    Nice post, its true that the UK online markets are now flooded with lots of dating site and its now becoming more and more difficult to find the good ones having genuine profiles. Indeed your post explains a thorough review of the leading dating sites in UK

  7. alohaaussie says:

    benaughty,,totally dishonest,and not good value for money…firstly they block you from sending your yahoo or other contact media,,,if your a paying customer,,you have the right to know this info,,secondly both parties have to be members to chat,,a lot of other sites let you contact any profile,as long as one member pays….also they tick the rebilling box,,which i did not see when joining..i certainly didn’t want to stay with this site for another month,,i asked for my money back,,and they refused ofcourse,,,i have been to other review sites,and found a lot of other people pissed of with how they treat customers,,,give this one a miss,,lot of better sites out there,,,alohaaussie