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Welcome to Top UK Dating Site, a leading web portal for information about online dating websites. We help visitors to our website, to make sense of the myriad of online dating sites and apps available today.  There are many platforms available for singles in the UK looking for the best website or app to use in their search for a date online.  We help our users to navigate the online dating landscape, through dating website reviews, dating apps review, relationship tips, online dating news. We also publish information about some of the most popular technologies and online dating platforms.


Which is the best online dating site

One of the most common question we get asked by visitors to Top UK Dating Site is “which is the best dating site online?”  The question may as well have been “how long is a piece of string? The truth is that there is no such thing as the best online dating site. There are hundreds and hundreds of very good dating websites. Whether one dating site or app is good, will depend on your personal needs and preferences. Haven said that, we recognise that some guidance or tips can help people narrow down the best online dating site or the best dating app for them.

To help narrow down the best dating site for our visitors, we concluded that categorising online dating websites into popular niches could be helpful. Here are some of the most popular online dating website niches, and a brief explanation about the type of dating site you can expect from each niche.


General dating sites

This was how all dating sites were, when dating website first popped up on the internet. Old, young, gay straight, Northerner and Southerners were all lumped into the same site. Users have to put effort into finding the right match for them.  Modern general dating site are much more sophisticated than that.  Users are segmented in modern general dating sites. General dating sites also feature tools that makes finding compatible single near you easier. Most general dating sites even proactively help you identify the most compatible single near you.


Mature dating sites


This is a euphemism for niche dating sites for men and women over the age of 50. Some mature dating sites lower the minimum age requirement by a decade, to 40. Mature dating sites are one of the most lucrative dating site niches online.  Singles over the age of forty tend to have more money to spend and have no problems paying for quality dating site subscription.


Adult dating sites (also called naughty dating)

Adult dating sites are site where members are there just for sex, and not necessarily seeking long term relationship.  Adult dating sites also go by several names including naughty dating and adult contacts. There is a slight difference between adult dating sites and adultery sites.


Adultery dating sites

Many dating site are full of married men/women pretending to be single. For people who are married or are in a relationship, but do not want to lie about the fact that they are in a relationship, adultery sites is where you will find them.


Other dating site niches

Other popular dating site niches, include regional dating sites. An example of a regional dating site is Marches Dating, a dating site for people in the Marches region, which includes Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Powys. There are alternative dating sites, such as Dominatrix Dating, a dating site for people into domme/sub scene and the list of niche dating sites goes on.

If you are aware of a dating niche, not mentioned about please get in touch with Top UK Dating Sites, we will love to include as many dating site niches as we can find in this article.