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In a bored world and fed off of stress and problems, one of the most relaxing activities is definitely yoga. It is not a sport, but for sure, practicing yoga will undoubtedly relax every man that does this kind of activity.

More than that, and this is more of a social advantages, practicing yoga in well established groups will add more people in the contact list of everyone that goes at yoga classes. This is why had a brilliant idea: to make a social dating site for the yoga lovers, so people with such a hobby can interact and get to know better. After all, this might be a good idea, especially if they are singles.

Basically, offers a place where single yoga fans can meet other yoga fans/practitioners from their area. As well, the site is meant to be used mostly by people from US, Canada, UK and Ireland; even if the registration is opened and world wide available, it is not worthy for the outsiders to  join it, as they wouldn’t find anybody from their areas.

As well, if it comes to joining, people should know that it is free and doesn’t last more than 2 minutes. It only requires choosing a screen name, a password, a gender and a date of birth (under aged –younger than 18 years old- people aren’t allowed on the site, even if they are citizens of the targeted sites) and that is it; after completing the above fields, users have full access to their accounts and to other member profiles.

As for the interface of the site, offers a clear view upon all its features. Moreover, every new visitor/member can always see which are the people that have lately subscribed to, and more than that, depending of what they are looking for, people can see a full list of male/female that are members. However, in order to access their full profiles, an account is necessary, as without it, viewing gallery pictures and contacting members is just impossible.

The site seems to be quite popular for yoga fans all over the world. Why? Because it seems that there is a lot of activity online, fact that tells to all the yoga fans from English-speaking countries, that in case they were looking for other single yoga fans, is the right place for them.