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It was a pleasant surprise when the Guardian came out with their dating site in the UK in the year 2004, given their leftist and center-left leanings. After all, it was a well known fact that the Guardian’s articles and even their readership swung heavily towards the left in terms of the political spectrum with over 80% of the readers from the Labor Party. The reader stereotype was very pronounced and thought to be associated with either the public sector or academia and following alternate medicine therapies.

The website itself was adjudged the best in the Newspaper category for the three years 2005 – 2007. With such a proud lineage backing it, the dating site Soul mates immediately grabbed the attention of the single male and female population in the UK. It was adjudged the best online dating site by the “Which” magazine in the year 2008 and boasts of over 1500 new memberships every week.

About the site

The introductory 3 day trial offer, where you have a shell out a nominal 6.95 pounds, allows a fresh member to get an idea of what the site holds and whether he or she can sue the site easily to their satisfaction. They soon find out that the site is:

Easy to navigate

Has basic and advanced search options

Offers instant messaging facility

High quality members with very detailed profiles making it easier for every member to get full information about the person he or she is interested in.

Soulmates works by building free profiles from users and eliciting their expectations from the site as well as their potential partners so that there is clarity of thought from every member and it is easier for the site to come out with the closest matches for an individual. Users are free to browse other profiles, upload photos and through the matching facility receive email alerts in their membership account.

To reply to such alerts and messages from other members, you need to take the subscription that is available on a monthly, quarterly and half yearly basis.

Some of the popular sections in the site are the My matches, Search and My fans ones, with the My fans indicating to users the members who made them the most popular.

Some of the statistics tell their own story about the popularity and efficacy of the site. More than 70% of the users aver that since this dating service belonged to the Guardian, they were comfortable enrolling. Close to 90% believed that they stood a very good chance of meeting the partner of their choice on Soulmates.

Over 90% of the members did not mind referring this site to their friends.

90% of the registered users numbering over 85,000 make use of the site at least once in a week and about 45% browse the site on a daily basis.

It is advisable to take the membership to avail of some of the essential and popular features offered by the site and at 77 pounds for a half year subscription, it does not appear stretched. The quality and mix of professionals constituting the members is another important criterion as to why this site is recommended.