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Friends Near Me

Friends Near Me

Facebook feature “Find Friends Nearby” lets you connect with people you know who are nearby. This can include friends who are on your friends list and even people you may not know, even though you know they are close by. Many find the concept convenient and interesting, while others feel it is somewhat creepy. The feature was created with the intent of people being able to connect easier with people in the area. This has been seen as potential way to engage in online dating for different reasons.

“Find Friends Nearby” is a phone app that may be seen by some as a mobile dating app. This could be a fun way to connect with others nearby who are also seeking a date. Yet, the app is facing competition from other apps that have similar or better features, so what would make this app so special? Well, for instance, you’ll be able to learn who on your friends list is near your location. But other people on your list or in your network would have to have the feature turned on so their location is picked up.

Something else about this feature that makes it stand out from other mobile dating apps is that it doesn’t come from a site that specializes in dating. Facebook could be used to find a date but the social network isn’t designed specifically for that purpose. Many dating apps are available from websites that specialize in dating; meaning they will have features that can help make your dating experience better.

On the other hand, “Find Friends Nearby” may help you connect with someone who is looking for a date; but in this instance you may want to connect with them on Facebook or by email. The feature will most likely help in just giving you a better idea of who is in your area. It may give an idea of where people meet or hang out most often. Then you could use that information to plan and meet with a potential date in the future.

The feature lets you find people nearby by in different categories such as the city, school and even friends listed on your phone. Again, the person would have to choose the option of even having the feature turned on so that others can find them. You do, however, have the option to invite someone to the feature. The feature, like your Facebook page, lets you know of people you may know that you could add to your list. The feature seems to have some typical features that could help you find a date online, but currently, you’ll have to wait to find out how well it works.
Interesting enough, the feature was quietly added and available, but Facebook quietly pulled the feature so it is currently not available. The developers claim the feature was being tested when it became available to the public before pulling and claim to be working on updates.