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Food Lovers Dating

Studies have shown that one of the main activities of single people is …cooking and everything that entails cooking (trying new recipes, improving old recipes and so on). This is why owners from came out with an interesting idea: a social dating site for the cooking fans and for the gourmands all over the world, site that would incorporate also videos and funny pictures, forums and games.

As everybody can see, the homepage is a bit overloaded of the different menus that has. Basically, the site offers features like chat, books, games and other entertainment features. Still, it does have and a social dating part, section that if fully working without any problems.

However, is not exactly like the modern social dating sites, mainly because it doesn’t focus only on dating, there are no VIP memberships and neither golden memberships, therefore no fees, unlike the majority of the modern sites of this type. Though, from all the above features, only the social dating section seems to be working. That is because there is no activity on the forums, most of the users preferring just to browse through other members profiles.

Because the dating section is the most popular from the site, users have the option to check the profiles and even options to see who is online. Still, the main requirement for the users is to have an account, as visitors are not given full access at the site. As we have said in the above lines, creating an account lasts only a few minutes (and it is perfectly free), therefore right in the first second after their account has been created, members are given full access.

An interesting part of is the fact that they have a section with useful online stuff: directory blogs, ways to make money and ways to save money, as well as other instructional videos, things that rarely can be seen on social dating sites.

Finally, the main impression about after reviewing it is that this site is a bit away from the general view of a social dating site. Though, if it was a good decision on designing the site in such a manner, only the developers must know. However, if you are a food fan or a gourmand, that is worthy to be tried, just to see what kind of people you can meet there and what can you learn from them.