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Enjoy Valentine’s Day

The Daylight Hours

There is an accepted formula for how to enjoy Valentine’s Day. For men it’s a combination of flowers, candies and dinner. For women, it seems to be a day of expecting flowers, candy and dinner. For men and women both these expectations can be daunting and feel trite and insincere. When you love your partner you should be able to express your admiration on any day and in any way you like, unfortunately Hallmark has designated February 14th as the ultimate demarcation date for establishing your interest in a partner.

Is there another way to enjoy Valentine’s Day?

The Internet has changed the parameters of the modern relationship. Use to be we’d meet each other in dimly lit bars Saturday night or at church in Sunday morning, but now the convenience and predictability of dating sites have meant less time searching and more time loving – or at least dating. For the modern relationship I have three suggestions on how you can satisfy expectation and inspire originality this Valentine’s Day.

1.       Hit the Streets: February is a chilly month, but no matter the weather no partnership is a success without communication and nothing promotes chatting like locomotion. Take your partner for a romantic stroll by the river, or through a popular dining district. Take your time to notice other partners enjoying each other’s company and other’s maybe not enjoying each other. Walking is a healthy and free entertainment option that shows your partner you’re interested in only one thing: Them.

2.       Breakfast/Lunch: Dinner is out. Grabbing the day’s final meal is a formality for many couples who eat together several times a week, which means any attempt to eat out is qualified by the questions of “Where?” and “How much?” By monetizing your affection, or partnering the exclusivity of your feelings with the exclusivity of a location, you’re building expectation and possibly a massive disappointment. Breakfast and lunch can be more seductive to a partner busy at work. If ever there were a day coworkers would let your partner abscond during lunch, it’s when their significant other shows up on Valentine’s Day. You end up rescuing your loved one from a brown-bagged lunch in a very public fashion. And who doesn’t like to show the world how much they are appreciated by their partner?

3.       Write this down: Write it down and make it simple. Poetry is unnecessary, but you should look to explain with clarity what it is you appreciate in your partner. There are songs about hair and eyes, but only you can explain what it feels like to heave your partner give you a hug, or shoot you a sexy glance. Those moments should be recognized and shared. Give validation to your shared moments of affection. Just write a note, not an email, not a haiku, just a simple well-thought out note of your affection. It’s the type of personal keepsake that your partner will keep forever.