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mail order husbands website

Dating industry is a very wide one, with people trying to find a romance or someone for one night stands in different places. Some prefer traditional « find you half » places like pubs, discos, parks and so on, others register to online dating sites related to what they are looking for, from speed dating sites to adult dating, married dating or naughty dating websites. Another very common niche for men is the mail order bride place, where men searching for the woman of their lives simply browse to thousands of registered women and ask them for marriage or relationship proposals.

However, it just came under Top UK Dating Sites’ radar a website that is somehow different. It combines the mail order « marriage » with women searching for men and the result is stunning : Claiming to be the world’s top spousal-order online service, they are doing things in a different manner : instead of listing women waiting to be « ordered as brides », they are listing a couple of handsome men waiting to be picked by women searching for their men. It is not a regular dating website meant to serve just a country or a region, but can be used by folks all over the world.

Mail Order Husbands also features a great compatibility test any woman can check for free. After answering some questions, the algorithm chooses the best match as for each person’s answers, from there on it all depends to each and any woman’s next steps.

As you may see, whenever it seems that all the gaps in the online dating industry seem to have closed, suddenly another niche dating website comes into the spotlights with different approach, different methods and why not, different rates of success.