Select Page review review is a social site, where every man or woman with Latin/Hispanic origins can join and find new and interesting friends. Basically, it’s a Latino version of the popular friend finder site, but in this case is meant to be used especially by a certain category of people, the ones from South America, Spain and Portugal.

Though, it’s not just any regular social site, as it is one of the biggest of this type, with more than 8 million of members, members that posted more than 13-14 thousand of photographs and videos with them. One interesting fact is that this site has a security department, department that erases the profiles with offensive pictures, and bans for good the obscene users as well as the spammers that keep appearing from time to time on the site. Therefore, a big advantage to all its users.

As concerning the users, there is a ratio of 35 % women to 65% men, therefore a bit of inequality. Though, the ratio is nowadays a bit restored, as a lot of men haven’t checked their profiles, therefore they are idle users, fact that leads to an advantage for everybody: the less profiles to be seen there are, the more chances of finding someone quickly there are.

As concerning the membership, as in the case of all the major social dating sites, there are 3 types of membership: standard (which is free), Silver And Golden(which require a monthly fee). The standard membership allows only few facilities, like creating a profile, adding and viewing pictures, while the silver and golden membership are offering much more advantages: live chat, instant messaging, email access, access to blogs and video blogs and many more. And the prices aren’t big at all: for example the monthly fee for a silver membership is $10.83 (or $29.39 for 3 months, and a month free of cost) while for the Golden membership,  the fee is only with $1 more expensive(for the first 3 months). It’s all up to the users to decide what are the facilities that they are in need of, but basically, the Golden membership should be chosen, as it is the one with the most options and features.

Other facilities offered to the Golden members are related to the access at the chat groups and rooms in other languages or countries. For example, a Golden user will be able to join a chat room from Spain and vice-versa, while the regular member won’t be allowed to even join chat.

That’s because the whole site is meant to be a serious one, where people who don’t really want to be people of the community don’t have access. This is why there are so many rules, and this is why people seem to prefer  more rather than any other Latino social dating sites.