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fitness singles
Given the time of the year Fitness Singles was reviewed (24th December) it is a rather appropriate dating site to review for many reasons, the main two being the fact that most us us tends to over indulge in festive food and drinks about this time of the year, others use the new year to make resolutions about getting fit, joining a gym etc. If you are single, it may be a good opportunity to find a new partners as well, if getting fitter and finding a new love is on your new year resolution list, the best place to look for a date could be one of the Fitness Singles dating sites.

The site reviewed in this post is called Fitness Singles, most of the users are into various sports and other fitness activities. Fitness Singles is run by a organisation based in Buffalo, New York, the site draws its members from UK, USA, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.
Whichever of the aforementioned countries you visit from, your country is detected by the geo ip locator widget on the site and you are directed to the section of the site that features members from your country. The site claims to have a million members from the countries it targets, how many of this users are British is not clear but some test searches conducted on the site with UK postcodes revealed a considerable number of UK members in the two postcodes tested.

Fitness Singles is a well designed website, the homepage features a search box that enabled you to search for men if you are a woman and women if you are a man by inserting your postcode in the search box, the result from the search list members from you locality, listed by how near to you they are till you get listing that are mile and miles away from you. There is an advanced search filter you can use to narrow your search down, using various filters including the kind of fitness activities you potential dates engages in to to the kind of diet and how often your potential date engage in fitness activity.

Fitness Singles like most dating site invites you to post your profile to their site “free” but the truth is that the so called free posting is completely useless as you are not able to contact other members or do anything you are supposed to be able to do on a dating site, if you are willing to part with £42.34 for 6 months membership you will be able to actually use the site to find a date.

One very impressive thing about the site is the quality of the membership. Unlike other dating sites with comparable membership, Fitness Singles have a very low number of irritation if not fake profile that is not uncommon at quite a number of dating sites, the members profiles viewed looks quite impressive.
For sports loving singles out there who will like to meet other sports/fitness singles, this is the site for you. The subscription fee is quite reasonable.

Fitness Singles is not perfect, there are some short coming that could be improved, one visible example is the localisation of the site to the countries it caters for for example if you are registered as a UK member, your can only display your income in USD if you choose to answer the profile question asking you how much you earn.
Fitness Singles is also full of irritating adverts which a paying member of any site should not be subjected to. The adverts, however irritating are not as annoying at the adverts on another site in the fitness dating niche; The adverts on are not just regular display ads but takes some of the personal information you provided at registration such as your postcode to target you with adult dating profiles from an adult dating site.

Another thing that could be improved at Fitness Singles is the user environment, when you login to you account your own picture will greets you, If you are not narcissistic, the idea of your own picture greeting you each time you login may not be welcomed.
Overall, the site is a very nice site, non of the Fitness dating site viewed prior to writing this review is half as good as Fitness Singles.

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