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Most people would have heard of Friends Reunited, the popular websites that reunite old friends. The question is, what if you do not have any friends to be reunited with in the first place, what if you have no friends at all and you are struggling to make new friends? one possible solution is to hire a friend. Yes, you read it correctly, hire a friend. In April last year, BBC News reported a Hampshire man who hired a drinking pal for his dad as he fear his dad may be lonely.

In Guardian G2 supplement of Wednesday 22nd of July 2010, columnist Tim Dowling hired a friend for the day for his article exploring the new phenomenon of Friend rental services which was said to have originated in Japan, it found its way to USA and there are indication that it is on its way to UK.

Most readers of the online version of Tim Downlands article commented that they would not subscribe to a hire a friend services as it is completely contrary to what friendship is about. Another article exploring the hire a friend service describe friendship as a slow growing tree, why wait for a slow growing tree when you can but one that is fully grown and is your for a reasonable fee.

This concept sound ridiculous to most people in UK at the moment but then again, online dating sound ridiculous years ago and it is now so common that almost all of us know a friend or a friend of a friend who has use online dating. Though there are no hire a friend website in UK at the moment, who knows, they may start springing up in the not too distant future. I am sure a service like this will be one dating sites can provide easily.