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It is very uncommon to find dating sites that offer free subscription to its members. Many of the sites offer free registration and lure visitors to their site. However, for some of the features that they offer, the member necessarily needs to subscribe and only then can he get access to those. In this scenario, if a site comes along and offers free subscription albeit to only the fairer sex, it definitely raises a lot of hopes and encourages more and more visitors, especially the males to visit the site in the hope of finding many female subscribers, who have taken advantage of the free offer. Girlsdateforfree is one such site that offers free subscription to the fairer sex, though there has been no substantial increase in the number of its female subscribers and they are very similar to other dating site numbers.Though this site has a very simple and rudimentary design, certain features like letting you know about the addition of new members, the moment you log in each time gives you the advantage of being able to contact them much before anybody else does. The site scores high on the quality of the profiles that it holds and with free registration, it opens up a lot of opportunities. However, its sorting of favourites and dating activity needs improvement as you may need to spend a lot of time tracking this, since the site cannot do this very effectively.

The site offers other benefits like a search option via location, adding photos and videos, chatting options. For the girls, since all the advanced features are free of cost, they will surely find it worth their while to subscribe, while men will do so only in the hope that they can get access to a much greater variety of profiles of the fairer sex as compared to the other dating sites where subscription is not free for the girls. It is this expectation that will draw the men, although as mentioned no sizeable or remarkable increase in the subscription population of women have been noticed. The site needs to add on many more features if it has to compete with other sites on even keel and while the free offer may help it garner some subscribers, sustaining and holding their interest will be a challenge in the face of strong competition from other dating sites, where the men get access to other advanced features at a price that is not too expensive.

To summarise, this site needs to become more aggressive in coming out with better facilities and ease of navigation, if it has to counter the onslaught of several new dating sites that are being launched. The free offer for the girls is a bold innovative step that needs to be complemented by equally striking and attractive features, or else even the female subscribers might turn to other sites and may not mind paying subscription.