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Many of us have been conditioned since our early formative years to regard old age and treat grannies with respect and reverence. It does not strike many of us that they too feel the need to date somebody preferably younger to them. We feel that since their best years are behind them, they would just like to sit at home and pass their time either reading something or in prayers.

The fact is that there are many mature grannies that still possess that zeal and enthusiasm to date younger men and would be very pleased to share moments of their life with somebody who is able to take them at face value. These mature grannies have still got a lot to offer by way of love and companionship and often crave for somebody to spend time with them to fill in their lonely hours.

Having mentioned the above, it will be a fallacy to think that grannies or mature women are only interested in the emotional aspect of a relationship. Many still have the sex drive active within them and would like to explore steamy sex encounters with horny males who are particularly on the look out for elderly women. Such men feel that these mature women can teach them a lot due to their experience and it can also be a fetish that they would want to explore further through dating sites that cater to such requirements. They have a lot of expectations from such encounters and would want to have fun with ladies who have seen it all. The craving for an exciting kinky encounter is the motivation for many young men and grannies to enlist as members into such dating sites.

One such site is which brings together young men and elderly women for the purpose of adult fun. This site is particularly active within the whole of UK, Ireland and Scotland and with free registration; you are well on your way. You will be able to view profiles of other members along with their photographs on the site and choose a partner of your preference. In fact there are photo galleries making it easier for somebody to make a selection and then take it forward. The fact that these members are also on the look out for something similar makes your search far easier and you are able to establish contact much faster and in a safe environment.

The site offers a number of tools to make your task easy such as the facility of being able to contact your favorite granny through a message and checking out the grannies online at a particular moment. You can also get intimation about any new members who has got enlisted into the site and that means more opportunities on a regular basis to find a partner of your choice. An interesting feature on the site is the dating blog that holds interesting posts and members are free to respond to them to share their views.

All in all, this site caters to a niche area of dating and therein presents a unique opportunity for all those interested in something that is different from the ordinary dating sites.

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  1. How To French Kiss A Girl says:

    Wow, this is certainly a dating niche that I had never considered. I guess that what you say above is true – “grannies” still need love and the occasional legover 🙂
    And some guys are into the whole older woman thing….

  2. peter says:

    don’t waste your money. It became rather obvious that things weren’t right receiving the odd contact 100’s of miles away, from girls 25 years younger. It was as if there was just enough e mails coming through to make you think it was not a rip off – I have seen some of the girls pictures on glamour sites as well.

    So its an easy scam , invite people in to provide and make up stories,then don’t answer e mails – this is a great money making machine. Its be done a lot before

    I used a series of techniques to support the info above. Anyway, Its not as if I’m ugly – I moved to a genuine site and am having great success. Good luck in your journey

  3. Seth says:

    I am not sure exactly what Peter is talking about in the comment above!? Either he had a bad dating experience or he has been using the wrong site? grannydating is a brilliant niche site that has supplied me with the exact platform to meet mature older women.

    I hardly get any fake user messages or spam, and if I do it’s quickly flagged and removed, so again Peter what are you talking about? I’ve been into older women for a long time and have never had the freedom to express it until now. There should be more niche sites like this.

    Please don’t listen to Peter who is just trying to bad mouth the site, it’s genuine, safe and secure, but more than that it works. Give it a go now and you will see for yourself.

  4. FredddieB says:

    Site is primarily a scam, there are way too many profiles of mature women compaired AFF or similar. Also you get daily one line PMs from youngish women hundreds of miles away.

  5. george says:

    The site appears to have vanished… seems to be on the same White Label platform (same women, same pics, same words) but grannydating has vanished…

  6. edward says:

    Agree with George the the site has vanished was not a good choice same old pictures and no replies.

  7. Bill says:

    I have a membership with Grannydating and was on it last night so it is definitely there! If I’m totally honest this site has got me sex twice in the last three months and Im a shy person. So I’m more than happy that the women are real and this site does work.