Select Page dating site review is practically the Che Guevara of the social dating sites: that’s because it brings many features that have not been seen so far on any of the existing social sites.

First of all, is a totally free site: people can join it without having to pay for their membership, they don’t have to upgrade their account in order to communicate with the other users and so on. Though, the above advantages are just some of the features offered for free to the users, but not all of them

When it comes to the design of, it is made in such a manner that even the people who have barely browsed the Internet a couple of times in their lives can manage easily. Though, in order to enjoy 100% of the features offered for free by, users have to register on the site. The registration process lasts only one or two minutes, as it isn’t complicated at all. After registration, people will receive full access, therefore they can chat in real time with the other people, they can play games, ask questions, watch and upload pictures, and so on.

Speaking of questions, some people might have the impression that is a “questions & answers” site, as there is a section where people who face a problem, can put it there and wait for some answers to come in handy. Though, that is just something that makes (which is more of a social network site, rather than a social dating site) unique, as any of the existing dating sites does not have such a section.

Coming back to advantages, users can also take benefits of something really interesting: they can communicate through SMS with the other users, without giving their identity or their mobile phone number. That’s because they messages are sent/received through a third party system that doesn’t allow them to see or send the numbers involves in the discussion.

And because of all of the above presented advantages,, even if it is not known world widely, or at least it is not so popular, will develop into one of the largest social dating communities from all over the web.