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Facebook and love

Either we want to admit it or not, Facebook is one of the most successful site in creating bonds between people. Being a social network site, and not just a dating site, Facebook is covered by the daily information posted by people all over the world about their daily lives, about the products that they are selling and so on.

Though, a study that has just come to an end, has revealed that out of 10000 teenagers, more that every time users see a person they like or feel attracted of, they press the “friend request” button, just in order to increase their chances of getting in contact with that person. Moreover, it’s believed that 40% of the people who have participated at the study, are passing through the profiles of their “new friends on Facebook” several times per day, especially when they are chatting with their new contacts.

As well, despite the fact that critics are saying that Facebook has destroyed the physic relation between people, many people have reported that they have found their soul mate on Facebook. Even more than that, they’ve reported that they have fallen in love just by chatting online, no more and no less. In fact, one of the recent studies has just revealed the same thing: people are falling in love on the social network sites just by chatting and watching pictures of their future partners.

What’s even more interesting is that, whenever couples broke up, about 25% of the interviewed people  have answered that they usually are hiding the news feed of their ex partners and delete them from their friends list. That’s because most of them consider painful to see their ex partners available on the Facebook chat or to see that they post pictures with other partners. By deleting them, they practically create a shield against the pain, and therefore, they do not suffer that much. After all, you know what they say: “the eyes that aren’t seen often, get forgotten!”

Now, even if Facebook is used by a large percentage of people as a dating site, obviously, this isn’t always the safest thing. That’s because not everybody has the best intentions, and therefore, exposing private information online might cause unwanted events with unwanted people.