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How to find a suitable online dating site

There are thousands of online dating sites which attempt to match everyone’s needs, but there isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to these sites.

First of all you should decide what it is you want from an online dating site. Are you looking for the perfect partner and e relationship that will be a permanent one, or do you just want to have fun? If you’ve just broken up with a long term partner, then you may not be ready to commit to another long-term relationship just yet. It takes time to get over such a split up. If you just want to have fun, then there are plenty of sites out there for you. All you have to do is decide if you want to try a local site, or would you want to have a long-distance relationship with someone, so that you can get to know them online before committing yourself to the first date? That is something to consider.

Perhaps you would like to have an online relationship with someone from another country, and there are many international sites out there for you to choose from. There are “niche” sites for black women wanting to date black men and for Asian women who want to date Asian men and for Asian women who want to date western men. In fact the choice is bewildering.

You might want to sit down with your best friend and go through your list of requirements and be honest about what you want from a future relationship. You will have to submit a profile online, so make sure that it is honest. You’ve seen films in which two characters meet after corresponding online and one or both of them have been lying about their appearance, job description etc. They are disappointed and have been wasting each other’s time, so try to be honest about yourself and what you want out of a relationship. Then you could find a site in which people are introduced for a fun relationship or a serious one. If you want a committed relationship then you will have to fill out numerous forms so that the site hosts can match you for compatibility with members on their list.

You may like travelling, so you could join a site which is specifically for those who do. But don’t lie and say you love travelling because you think you may get a free holiday out of dating someone who loves to travel. Travelling doesn’t mean staying in a luxury hotel of going to a comfortable place for a to week vacation, necessarily. If you are not really the adventurous type, beware of “travelling” websites. However if you enjoy sailing, then you might look for a dating website which caters for people who love sailing, or mountaineering, or hiking or whatever your main interest is. There will be a site out there in Internet-land just for you. Remember though, be honest.