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Improve your relationship

First of all remember the golden rule, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. Maybe you feel that the relationship is going nowhere, and you are bored and want out. Perhaps you feel that the relationship is not moving as fast as you’d like or you just feel insecure. Whatever the case, it can usually be sorted out if you talk openly and honestly with our man and tell him exactly how you feel. Perhaps he’s relaxing too much in front of you and you’ve got to the ‘farting’ stage when he is not as concerned about what he does in front of you as he was in the beginning of the relationship. This can be positive, as he feels comfortable in your presence, and thinks you feel the same way. If you don’t then you should say something, although you may want to take a little time to think through what you want to tell him.

Maybe you’d like to go out more and he’s content to stay in with you watching a film or listening to music. That is a good sign, not one to be taken negatively. He’s not turning into a cheapskate, but he’s content to be in the ‘nest’ that you share together. Remember that if you end up getting married, it won’t be a constant whirl of social events, there’ll be the mortgage to pay and the furniture to buy, so perhaps he’s looking to the future and wondering if you are with him because you love him, or because he’s got money to spend.

Some men have an inferiority complex because they don’t wear designer clothes and don’t have a flashy car and don’t have enough money to wine and dine their girlfriends as they’d like to. You may have fallen for someone who has little money, but great prospects, and you have to decide if he’s worth waiting for or if you want to find someone who is richer and can do more social things with you, then go out and find that guy. Of course you will get the reputation of being a gold-digger if you update you boyfriend regularly for one who has more money and a better car, but the reputation might be deserved. Unfortunately not all men are rich and handsome, and life isn’t a fairy tale. The sooner we leave behind our notions of kissing the frog and him turning into a prince the better.

If you want to improve your relationship you should accept the reality of it, but try to do more things together; different things that you both enjoy. You could get out of your comfortable old jeans and really dress up for him, just to see the appreciation on his face; that will make you both feel good. You could also give him a little gift rather than expect him to give you presents. The best advice is not to take each other for granted. It takes two to work at building a relationship, and if you both want the relationship to be a successful one, it will be.