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Is he the one for you?

It is actually quite easy to tell if the man you are dating is the right one for you. He will take care of his appearance when he’s with you and you will be attracted to his smell. Mainly, it is that simple, you and he will like the natural smell of each other; not the perfume of the after-shave, but the pheromones which we cannot control. These are present in our sweat and if you quite like the smell your man has when he’s just worked up a sweat then he is probably the one for you. This smell which you may be unconscious of, can make or break a relationship according to researchers. In my experience smelling the pheromones of my partner lessens the pain of stomach cramps, and a doctor had advised my partner to allow me to sniff his armpits to stop those horrid cramps. It worked, luckily for me.

Of course there are other ways of telling if he is the right one for you. You and he will share each other’s interests and he will go with you to see romantic films, which he probably won’t mention to his friends, and you will compromise and go and see the films that he likes, which normally you wouldn’t do. If you love each other you will do a lot of compromising and perhaps try new things that you never would have done without his influence. That is very good for a relationship as it doesn’t get stagnant.

He will probably take care of you and feel protective of you, which you may or may not enjoy, but that’s the natural way. A man likes to think that he can protect his woman, and even if you are more than able to protect yourself, let him feel stronger then you. Men enjoy playing the protector, but often need a strong female when they encounter problems at work or with friends, so it’s a two way thing. You both play the same roles at different times.

If he loves you, he might not tell you in words, but you will know, because of his actions. He may give you gifts, or do things to please or surprise you; he may change his way of doing his hair or his clothes will become trendier, and he will be doing this to improve his standing in your eyes. He will also phone you a little more than is strictly necessary, just to hear your voice. Unfortunately some women think wrongly, that he is doing this because he is jealous and suspicious about what you are up to when he is not with you, and while there may be an element of truth in that, it is not the whole story. So if he phones you at odd times of the day, just enjoy talking to him as he wants to share something with you.

If we gave men a little more slack, we would probably feel a lot more secure in our relationships with them. They can genuinely love us, and we must be careful not to hurt them. They really do need our love and protection!