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Even if it’s said that in India a lot of marriages are arranged, nowadays, there is just an isolated number of cases. In fact, India, as it is one of the most populated countries in the world, it is obvious that when it comes to the social life of the Indians, there is a lot of Indian dating. Though, a lot of Indians have emigrated, therefore they can be found all over the world.

However one problem that can be found among Indians is that they cannot find other Indians in other countries and by that there are large communities of Indian singles spread worldwide. In order to solve these problems, has created the most complete social network site for Indians, site that is focused only on the Indian dating niche.

The site is open to all the Indians from all over the world and since now, they already have thousands of accounts.

The site’s interface is user friendly, therefore all the users can manage to deal with all the buttons available (might be difficult for those not so tech-savvy) and to create an account followed by filling it with pictures and information about them.

In order to avoid any language problems – created by the Indian languages and dialects- the website is completely in English, language that is known almost in all the countries as  a second language, and most important, it’s known by most Indians who have full access at the Internet.

As the readers have already found, the settings are very easy to use, as well as it is very easy to browse through the site. allows its members to search for other Indians –males or women – in their area, as well as the members can search members of different ages and so on.

The membership is completely free therefore anyone can join this dating site. Though, only the premium users – the members who pay for some advantages – can use the full gamma of features offered by the website. Among the services, there must be mentioned: free access to the chat rooms, real time messaging, adding videos to the profile and many more.

As for the staff of, they seem to be very friendly and professionals with the members. Usually, each problem or question is solved/answered in no more than 24 hours, therefore the users won’t be needed to wait too much for a concrete answer of their problems and suggestions, or whatever they might have to tell to the administrators of this site. Seems to be like a great choice for all Indian singles searching for their romance.