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The one that you want Dating site

Top UK Dating Sites> There are a lot of dating sites out there, what is different about TheOneThatYouWant?
Stacey Moroney> Well the one that you want presents dating in a fun and visual and quirky way. The aim of which is to break down the barrier often put up by dating sites. We want it to be visually impacting.

Top UK Dating Sites> How did you arrive at you site name, it does not quite roll off the tongue that easily?
Stacey Moroney> Possibly but it is a name you will remember, often dating site names can be irrelevant to the service, we wanted a great name that matches intention

Top UK Dating Sites> What are you doing differently to combat fake profiles and scammers, I created a test account on your site and I was contacted by a sacammer
Stacey Moroney> Yes and we caught on to this quickly a removed this user. This is a difficult thing to police. We do look carefully at names in relation to email addresses. The net is full of unscrupulous people and we do rely on our members. We are next month having a facility on individual profiles to report the user should they abuse the messaging system. This unfortunate does happen especially when it is a free service. We are however tightening up our member approval system.

Top UK Dating Sites> You membership is free and you do not carry advert on your site, how do you hope to make money?
Stacey Moroney> We don’t want a site full of 3rd party advertising, eventually it will be a pay service but the site will have to be very well populated.

Top UK Dating Sites> When was your site launched?
Stacey Moroney> February 2010.

Top UK Dating Sites> How many members do you have and what is the rough male/female split?
Stacey Moroney> coming of for 600, Mainly Female currently but we are looking to increase our male memberships.