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people chatting onlineWhen it comes to online dating, most people do not quite trust free online dating sites like OkCupid for different reasons. It is understandable that paid sites are not so popular because of the monthly fee that has to be paid, but what about free dating sites ? Nowadays, there are literally thousands of online dating sites available, whether we are talking about free or paid ones, and OkCupid is one that takes a part from the first ones.

The main reason people don’t quite trust free dating sites could be related to the fact that they have chosen in the past the wrong service that did not made their expectations. However this does not mean free services are all the same while lately we all read different news related to people that found their love online and even became happy couples, not only two people dating for some weeks. Choosing the appropriate free dating service could just make your dreams become true.

OkCupid features a fantastic matching system that proved to be superior to others offered by different dating sites. Basically, registered members just have to answer some pre-defined questions and more than that, they must say how important is each and any question for them. Any folk that uses this dating services can choose to answer from as low as 1-2 questions to as many as they would like. However, the system will only work its best if you decide to answer as many questions as possible. And in the end, all registered members’ goal is to find their partner so why choosing to answer to only a couple of questions ?

Another important aspect of this dating service is the Enemy score. Again, this is based on the answers, so if two people answer completely different on more questions, the Enemy score goes up and so on. This is a very important feature, just imagine you are a smoker and someone does not want to meet a person that smokes, once your response is affirmative the Enemy score will go up meaning you are not the perfect match for her/him. And this is available for any other aspects like children, family etc. It is really a time savior.

Based on the statistics provided by OkCupid, one will immediately know important aspects of online dating from how to properly setup a profile, how to choose the best photos for showcasing himself and so on. All those statistics are based on the activity from their website so this is really fantastic for registered members and not only.

These awesome features are not the only ones one might encounter when becoming a member of this free dating site. There are a lot of activities that can be done once registered from different personality quizzes to a lot of different ways to communicate one to each other. The registration is done without hassles and from that point on you have all the time in the world to fill your profile in an appropriate way, use attractive photos and start mingling with like-minded folks. Just be sure not to skip the questions provided by the matching system, they are really fantastic for finding out who might be the perfect choice for you. We do not say OkCupid is the best free dating site available but it surely comes with a different approach when it comes to online dating.