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Christmas & New Year Holidays - Peak breakup time for couples

Christmas & New Year Holidays – Peak breakup time for couples

Benjamin Disraeli (or Mark Twain?) quoted as saying there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics, in a way inferring that statistics are even worst than lies. Despite the fact that many people are extremely sceptical about statistics, it is one of the best predictors of trends we have, for example, statistically speaking the chances of the author of this post winning the national lottery, with one flutter is one in several million.
Having establish the fact that statistics are not completely useless, lets apply the projection of the statisticians to chances of couples remaining a couple after the Christmas and New year holidays of 2012 / 2013. Apparently, Christmas / New Year holiday period is the most strenuous period on relationships, more couples separate or divorce from argument and pressure coming to a boil during this period, leading to couples going their separate ways.

Well, this is bad news, or is it? it really depends on how you see it. If you have been stuck in an okay relationship that is hanging by a thread, thing falling apart between you and your partner is a welcome development, so , its not necessarily a disaster each time a relationship ends, whether the end was brought about by additional pressure from the holiday period or other factor.

Relationship counsellors will be quite busy during this period, they may not necessarily see the additional income during this period as a bad thing. And of course, online dating sites, where most newly single people turn to, looking for a new partner, well, how can this be put? Its CHRISTMAS for dating websites all over again as more and more people sign up in the new year.