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LocalSin – mapping a naughty world or me too phone app?

New dating site
A new dating phone app was launched in UK a few days ago, the name of the app is quite sweet which you think of the dating niche it targets. Called Local Sin the app promises to help you boost your chances of locating men and women local to you who are up for it. Local Sin is not a ground breaking or excitingly new angle to the tried and tested dating apps that uses GPS on your smartphone to locate singles in your area who are up for stuff, from playing games to a quick sex in the woods, Gaydar, Foursquare and a multitude of apps has been doing that for a few years now.

One of the things I found most interesting about LocalSin is their slogan ; mapping a naughty world. If indeed they can map the naughty part of UK and let us see a snap shoot, that will be a really interesting endeavour and it will be the only really new and unique about the app.

Reading comments left about the app on Dailymail’s website, I cannot but agree with quite a number of mostly underwhelming comments left about the application for example “Why would anyone want this, I never had a problem pulling and still don’t, the opposite sex is out there and it’s not hard to find them” what I could add to that is that “why reinvent the wheel and do it very badly” which is what LocalSin app seem to have done so far judging by 1.5 out of 5 star rating the app has out of 21 reviews on iPhone app store.

Forgetting the app and visiting LocalSin as a dating site, the news is not any better there either. The site is extremely slow, taking quite a while to load, which is extremely unusual for a dating site. There is very little substance on the site itself and some of the profile include pictures of flowers and other rubbish which suggest profiles uploaded to the site is now moderated, one profile displays the picture of a child.

LocalSin is more a work in progress than a fantastic app/dating site that is ready to map a naughty world in a significantly new dimension to the naughty world sites like naughty dating sites has been mapping for over 10 years.