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Long before the Internet and white label dating platform cause the exponential growth in the number of married dating sites, a handful of businesses pioneered the married dating niche, one of these pioneers is Loving Links.

What immediately stands out when you visit Loving Links website is the fact that it is position in the “classy” end of the affairs dating niche. The images on the site are of classy couple enjoying a glass or wine and a conversation, the image matches most of the profile on the site. Members are mainly men and women already in a long term relationship or married, not looking to leave their current partner for a new one but hoping to developing new intimate relationship whilst keeping what is left of the relationship they have already.

In addition to the usual online dating site features which allows you to search for profiles, upload your own profile, send message etc, Loving Links has a unique services that this author has not seen at any other married dating site (or any other dating site for that matter); a personalise service called ‘The Links Gold Consultancy’. The personalised service works very much like the old fashioned matchmaking where a real person matches you with a partner he/she thinks is most suitable for you. This has the added confidentiality of not needing to put you profile or picture online. David, the founder of Loving Links personally interview Loving Links members who subscribe to the Link Golf Consultancy package and present a plan that best suit your your extra-marital friendship needs.

Of all the married dating websites that actually have their own membership database, Loving Links is one of the most affordable. Membership fee starts from £29.95 for someone who just wants to dip his or her toes into the extra-marital affairs pool for a few days. One month subscription cost £55.00, 2 month cost £85.00, 4 months £125.00. It is interesting to note that the 4 months subscription is roughly what one of Loving Links main competitor charge for 1 month subscription.
If you prefer a much longer membership, you can subscribe for 6 months for £200 or an annual membership at £375. If you want to make extra-marital dating career, you can have a lifetime membership for £750.00.

Loving Links is not just a marital affair dating site, it is a community. It contains blogs, forums and other modern online communication tools some of which non-members can browse and perhaps use free of charge. To find our more about Loving Links or to register, visit their homepage or membership registration page.

If you have used Loving Links to find fulfilment or just want to comment about their services, please use the comments section of the blog.