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Although the most popular dating sites nowadays are those targeted on different niches, it seems that there is hope for general dating sites as well, and is one such website that faces massive success after only 2 months of being launched.

Called by its owners “Modern free dating service”, this dating site was born in October 2010 and according to its owners it already succeed to gather over 117,000 members from all over the world. One of the most interesting aspects of its registered users is the fact that the women-men ration is quite close, with about 61,000 women and about 51,000 men already searching their love in this dating site.

With all those numbers, this seems to be the UK’s fastest growing dating website. Although it is located in UK and we incline to think this serves only UK folks, there are thousands of members registered from all over the world, whether we are talking about Germany, India or Kenya, so Mamboo has opened its gates for all worldwide singles searching for fun, friends and even a partner.

Probably the strongest advantage of this dating site is the fact that it is totally free, no credit card required is always an extra-point for all those people searching to register on a website, whether it is a dating site or not. Among it free features some deserves a listing here:

–          Totally free registration with a simple registration interface any newbie could handle
–          Profile creation is also free, along with the possibility to upload photos to your profile
–          Free profiles searching, no limits imposed;
–          Instant messaging is also free – send messages, receive messages, all these come with no costs
–          Browse to each and every member’s profile, you guessed, free again

However, there are two extra-features that can be accessed only by paying a small fee: “Chasing the Leader” and upper placement of your ad. Whether these worth or not, is only at your choice.

Too shy to send and instant message to the person you fancy? There are two other methods available on Mamboo that act like perfect ice-breakers: send a wink or send a compliment. You can also see if someone else has sent a compliment in the past therefore being the first to get in touch with a person is so easy on this website. Moreover, is also smartphones-friendly so if you own an iPhone or iPad you can stay up-to-date with your favourite partners all time, even if you are far away from your laptop or PC. According to Mamboo’s owners, 2011 will be the year when this dating site will be also compatible with Android or Java based handsets.

With so many members already registered and searching for a partner, it would not be such a difficult task to find someone that shares the same interests as you and moreover, you might even find a partner for the upcoming New Year’s party, all these on