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Marrital Affair

Marrital Affair

Since this article was published, quite a few comments about Marritalaffairs has been posted. We are not able to verify any of the assertions by those who commented on the services of this company but you may find it interesting to read their comment on their experience with Marital Affairs dating. Some interesting observation is the fact that one of the people who commented mention his success with another website offering the same website, this does not necessarily mean the comment owner is from a rival company trying to spread negative vibes about competitions product but his comments leaves a big question as to why he seem to enthusiastically recommend a marital affairs rival.

—————Article begins—- In the adult dating scene, very few dating sites are able to provide excellent quality and many of us have had pretty ordinary experiences with some of the so called adult dating sites. sought to fill this void in the adult dating space and to its credit has been able to succeed quite well. This has been borne out by its many satisfied members and their testimonials about the positive experiences they have been having on the site. They have been able to come out with a product that delivers what they promise and by maintaining high standards of delivery; they have been able to sustain the popularity of this site.  On this site, you truly have access to many quality members for adult interaction and its ever increasing database is proof that members are able to get total satisfaction enrolling into the site. You need no longer look up dating ads in the print media or peruse the lonely hearts piece within the magazines. At a click of a button, you can start chatting up with members who are looking for that extra excitement in their lives. From a bored housewife to the bachelor, everybody can sign up, create a profile that is anonymous and begin experiencing that unique thrill that accompanies adult dating activities. It is a fact that as human beings, we have various needs of which the sexual need is a very important and basic one. You reach a stage in life when the spark in the bedroom seems missing and you want a change of partner, but do not know where to look for them. You wish to have a relationship without any strings attached and crave for sexual fulfilment. brings like minded people within your reach in a manner that is smooth, without infringing on your privacy. You are able to link up with new and interesting members and also able to have quality intimate relationships. The advantage with this site is that many members like you are on the look out for something that can reignite their sexual appetite and that makes for easy dating. It does not matter whether you are single or married; provides you with a platform to indulge in flirtation, extramarital excitement and sexual gratification with new partners without having to put in a great effort. The detailed and comprehensive easy to use display board on the site gives the member total information about new members who have enrolled, new photographs that have been uploaded and fresh entries made into the site. This enables members to get updated and the latest news about the developments in the site. To wind up, it must be said that this site has managed to dispel all doubts and scepticism about the effectiveness of adult dating sites. Its members happily talk of the wonderful extra marital flings and the people they have been able to meet through the site and many have no hesitation in recommending this site to others.

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52 Responses to “ – The ultimate affairs dating website?”

  1. Jayne says:

    Ive been a member of the dating site, too. Unusual, you maybe thinking for a girl. But, I agree with the above, its one of the sites that delivers the realistic side to adult dating. We all want a bit of hanky panky, and is one of the few adult dating sites in my opinion that delivers it.

  2. admin says:

    What in particular made Maritalaffair stand out from other adult dating site from your viewpoint?

  3. Slim says:

    I was a memebr of this website until today. Why ‘was’ you may be asking?
    Well, I have no doubt that like Jayne above, there are many women on the website looking for a bit of hanky panky and extra marital fun like I am, but in my opinion, there are a large number of ‘women’ on the website that are not real.

    For the last couple of months I have given the website the benefit of the doubt and continued with my monthly subscription. During my time as a memebr I have flirted with a large number of women sending sexy messages back and forth…BUT when it comes to the point of suggesting a meet for a drink or dinner, they miraculously all of a sudden have found their ideal partner! The two messages I have received today are very similar in there ‘rejection’ which I find highly suspicious!

    You could say that is sour grapes on my part but in all cases they have followed the same trend – go so far as about to meet and then nothing.

    In my opinion there are better dating websites where

  4. admin says:

    Giving the nature of the kind of dating, don’t you think this women could have developed cold feet at the last minute? Have you used other affairs dating sites and were you more successful?

  5. lectus says:

    i’d agree that lots of female ads seem fake. i’ve signed up as a free ‘member’, and received winks from two promising members.i’ve purposefully not replied tho, and sure enough two days later when i look again, both profiles have been deactivated. to me, this suggests that the profiles are invented, kept for a few days, used to generate a few membership subscriptions, then deactivated. prove me wrong with some testimonials!

  6. James Todd says:

    To those considering being members of then think again. I and three friends decided to test this lot out and see if it actually worked. It doesn’t. Simple as that. If they have a database then it’s pretty thin. We all inserted different profiles and sent off our messages which was about 300 plus in total over a period of about 2weeks. Nothing, not a jot except there were replies yes at the same day the rest of us did. The messages you receive are universal answers and not tied to what you actually asked or what subject matter you had.. Simply be asking a one way question to test this showed it didn’t work. Someone needs to take those chancers off the internet as they DO actually take your money yet done seem to have the base to do so.. BEWARE.

  7. John Bell says:

    Have to agree with the comments above about this site really being something of a con… So what sites have people tried that appear to provide a good and real service?

  8. Slim says:


    I have found 3 genuine women all looking for NSA fun.

  9. Matthew says:

    I agree with all of the above, this website is a con. I’ve been getting messages from women who have contacted me, they go days without replying then send a non-sense message about wanting hot sex. I suggest a meeting then they go quite for a few days, and then again messages saying we can meet but only after the 25th ( Funny my billing date is the 24th) and that we should keep talking about sex until then! Some of them send messages then never logon again, showing off line for weeks at a time.
    UK Swingers is a much better site, ive already met up with 2 women in 2 weeks.

  10. Charles says:

    I agree with all of the above, I am totally convinced a lot of the profiles are fake, if you are looking form any form of relationship you tend to respond within a day or two not a week or so….I appreciate there are a lot of men on this site probably more than we all think and perhaps that accounts for the delay in response. However like one of above I have four friends who have tried, one a very attractive man (a male model) we all thought that might trigger some interest as he receives an unfair amount of female attention….on this site none at all. My advice…DONT WASTE YOUR subscription is up soon, never to return.

  11. Danny says:

    Yes it is very true that the website is a complete con, if you are providing a discreet service that rely’s on a certain amount of trust they know that you are not going to complain if you feel that they are not really providing the service they say they advertise the replys that come in support of the site I would deem as highly suspicious

    I tested the site with a few basic tests and true to form they failed every single one, non specific replies, non related replies, weeks without replying, the so called support should be called support and con department IF YOU ARE A MALE OR FEMALE DO NOT TOUCH THEM WITH A BARGE POLE .. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

  12. Peter says:

    Totally agree with all the above comments, am currently a member of this site but have been increasingly suspicious for the past month or so. Maybe there are genuine members on there, but the majority seem to be phantoms or “come-ons”. I will be cancelling my membership when it’s up next week.

  13. Dave says:

    Total con, steer clear.
    I have been a full & free member of this site and without doubt the profiles are made up.
    As other say women who contact you then mysteriously disappear when you have signed up.
    I’ll never pay another penny to a white Label Dating website.

    Just found an identical site with the same people pictures on it called “out of town affairs”.

    This site needs reporting to the police as it is fraudulant activity going on here.

    Just type in their name on google with scam, 89000 searches.

  14. Dave says:

    I’d just like to add to my previous comment that another website called “filthy over fifty” also has the exact same profiles photos etc and layout.
    This is not operated by White Label Dating but Global Personals Limited………….I wonder if the directors are the same people under companies house registration.

  15. steve says:

    I have a great idea , why don’t we all hit back by joining up and then every so often write to customer service with rubbish requests ??
    like when can I join .. or how good is this site .. or what kind of people tend to join

    my point is if you have not signed as a full member I am guessing they will reply as they want your money, that will waste them or him/her lots of time and effort replying, they will never know that its wasted time

    the more people do it, we might just bring them down

  16. Dave says:

    I am still an unpaid member on marital affair, i recieved an email on saturday night at 8.22pm.

    I also joined which is exactly the same site layout and members of marital affair.

    Guess what, I recieved an email from the same women at 8.26pm on saturday night with the same heading.
    However, my ad is totally different but the registered email address is the same.

    People being lured into these sites by these very dubious methods is fraud in my book.

    What everyone needs to do is do a search every day for marital affairs on google.
    When the sponsered link comes up click on it so it costs them every time someone clicks it.

  17. i b horny says:

    Ive met women from this site successfully in the past… there are for sure a lot of fake profiles on there… but its not exactly difficult to pick out the generic profiles really.

  18. Mr Travelodge says:

    Have to ask you lot,all the above does ring bells, I have made plans to meet 2 girls one at Kings Cross Travelodge hotel, and another for dinner 1st, the one in Kings x is too good to be true,I think I`m going to be taken for a mug,I will let you know how it goes, but if you have any ideas or same let me know.

  19. chris says:

    I have had the same experience as everybody else that has posted the site is a complete con

    I would really be cautious about people claming to have had OK experiences on this site ( I think they know about this complaint site and are engaged is a lot of spin and distortion )

    I will never go back to this site ever again

  20. chris says:

    I have had the same experience as everybody else that has posted the site is a complete con

    I would really be cautious about people claming to have had OK experiences on this site ( I think they know about this complaint site and are engaged in a lot of spin and distortion )

    I will never go back to this site ever again

  21. Tito Martire says:

    At last, I have found somewhere discussing marital affair. Can I add another that uses exactly the same people/profiles – horneydevil dating-what a con these sites are! I was a member of horneydevil for some 8 months-everytime, without exception, just as a date was immenent, I either got 1 of about 6 excuses as to why the woman was leaving and could not meet or simply never posted again. I then received an invite from marital affair to sign up for a month for just £1 so I went onto their website followed what I thought were the correct instructions and was instantly billed for a 6 month membership. I immediately emailed them to say a mistake had been made and their reply was basically “tough SH*T”. Needless to say the women on here follow exactly the same pattern as the previous site. I had 1 woman that told me to meet her at a given place and time in Bolton. Fortunately, I sent her a reply to say I couldn’t make that day and, guess what, she has never posted on the site again. My advice is if anyone suggests a meeting then ask to speak to them on their mobile-if they won’t then I would guess they are just taking you for a ride.
    In conclusion, these sites need to be investigated by the appropriate authorities and closed down so that they cannot con more people out of their hard earned money!!

  22. robert says:

    I agree, this website is a con. I got the same thing, all looking for a hot date, then nothing til after the billing date. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON THIS SITE AND SIMILAR SITES RUN BY THE SAME FOLKS

  23. Richard Bell says:

    Ditto – the site is an absolute total con (although I have to confess I have met up with one lady for a coffee and had one really horny date with another)

    However, the same pattern as others. I also got conned into the six months subscription as my debit card was for sone reason not authorised, so I used a credit card and low and behold the site had defaulted to sim nonths instead of the one month I had selected.

    I messaged a lady who said she was in North Yorkshire and then got loads of long onviously fake pidgin English emails from a very attractive Russian lady…….what a load of rubbish.

    I have reported about a dozen ‘members’ as being obvious fakes

    Apart from my success it is probably as much as 50% fakes on there. So as the going says “you pays your money and takes your chance”

    I’m also on another site via Global Personals Ltd called Dateline, which does seem very genuine and I would ssy is full of very nice people.

    Good luck all for 2010

  24. john says:

    global personals – and white label dating – are all the same firm.

  25. John (another one) says:

    This is my cancellation message to the site …

    — Unfortunately, I got the overriding impression that the site and its members are fake: On other sites, people have responded as people do, the way in which you ‘build’ your e-mail responses appears to be a basic routine. Women do not write e-mails in the way you make them sound. While I cannot be bothered to report your site to the authorities, I’m fairly confident that the OFT will be interested shortly – people don’t respond well to being swindled. If you attempt to rebill my account I shall report you. —

    If the company responds true to form, expect to see a set of positive messages from successful relationships spawned from their use. Buyer-beware! Personally, I’m in an open relationship which allows for my partner and I to explore with other people so I have no issue outing this company.

  26. Ben says:

    This all rings very true I’m afraid – paid up member, and everything as experienced as above. However, one thing I did do was to sign up as a woman to see what it was like from the other side. I put up a simple profile, not too much detail but someone seeking fun plus a picture of a 30 something woman, nice without being too fit and had 220 messages in 12 hours! I think the site is swamped by men, I reckon to a ratio of about 1:20 (there were 200 new guys in 24 hours, typically yet get 10 women or less in that time). This may explain some of the complete lack of contact the guys get – any real women are totally swamped. That said, the answers aren’t geniune and don’t seem to take into account anything you ask / say in your email. So, basically a con.

  27. Rene says:

    All dating wevsites are rubbish, all the men want cheap sex prostitutes to expensive,nobody interested in real dating or relationship its all money making racket.

  28. Nick says:

    Same experience as everybody else. Amazing how many women claim to be doctors and lawyers and yet have explicit photographs posted clearly showing their faces? I think not. Those that did contact ignored everything written in my e-mails and again absolutely no contact through e-mail only via the website.

    Anybody see the girl pretending to be a 23 year old virgin desparate to lose her virginity? Funny how she was shy and yet had 4 totally naked pictures on display! She replied at fortnightly intervals, gave me a date when she wanted to meet and then disappeared.

    I reported the site to Trading Standards but whether they do anything remains to be seen. I am just annoyed I made the bastards richer by £60+.

  29. Nick says:

    Also wanted to add that the one genuine advertiser I heard from was a 23 year old prostitute. At least she was honest and upfront!

  30. al says:

    I was member of site for a year, and everything above is true, no answers to questions, no meets only excuses, weeks before replies but four waiting for me when membership cancelled (credit card expired) yet they still tried to bill. many members accounts deactivated after messages sent. A complete and utter con site.

  31. ricky ahmed says:

    this site is a con just like most of them does anyone know how to report them to the authoroty any one reading this msge and like minded looking for fun and friendship write to

  32. Charles says:

    I bought a year of in a moment of foolishness, because I thought it would take a long time to find someone. I am 72 ( why am I ashamed to say so ? ) and although 18 inside and body is fine, one is still stuck with the label. There must be a lady out there who is ok for her age like me, but I have only ever met one, very nice, but completely nailed to where she lives which is awful. So, I had a moment of foolishness and joined this site one week ago. To start with, I got aggressively approached by what I thought were young call girls, don’t like prostitution, who eventually turned out to be models on a chat room site working for a foreign gentleman ! I did have one genuine reply, from a lady who sounds really unhappy. Maybe we can cheer her up and introduce her to some nice people.
    Because the chat room decided to raid my card, I had to cancel it. MaritalAffairs then stopped my access, immediately, so they must have billed me again for something, in spite of my having paid for 1 year. I had less than 1 week. I think definitely a scam. Pity, because on normal date sites amongst the genuine there are what I can only describe as predators, people hoping to rip others off. Whereas in real life relationships are about sharing and communication, ‘talk about things you like to do’, just like South Pacific. Whilst we are here, the bottom line has to be ‘Be Nice’. Anyone agree ? Would anyone like a kind old man with the body of a youth, a nice secluded quiet house with a big garden and yacht and aeroplane and horse and little dog ? You need a paper bag for the head. – no nasty. Offers gratefully received.

  33. Paul says:

    Wished I taken the time to investigate these sites before signing up.

    To start with things seem OK, as the first few replies were innocent enough and replies happened within a couple of hours, however it has got to the point where no replies came for nearly a week, which just so happened to be the time that the website announced that there would be no admin support for a few days. What a co-incidence.

    There are clearly a quite a few different women replying to the different profiles. I have identified 4 or 5 different ones based on identical misspellings of very common words, and usage of punctuation and capitals (or lack of.)

    The winks all come from women in their 20’s whose accounts are then deactivated a couple of days later. All meets are miraculously cancelled the day before, because they’ve decided to go back to their husbands, boyfriends etc or aren’t ready to give up their virginity just yet. Surprise surprise.

    Messages are never replied to with response to previous messages. Just asking a simple question such as what town do you live in gets no reply. The next message simply carries on their generic chat lines.

    So if you are reading this then check if the website is one of the white label web site consortia, and if so don’t expect to get anything back for the £60 you will end up paying.

    Oh and yes, your profile will magically appear on other sites such as Myfunbuddy, where just about everyone else’s profiles from also appear.

    It is fun thinking what might happen if there was any real women on the site, but when profile pictures have a very badly disguised “corbis images” logo on them then you know they are a fake.

    I’m going to see what the Credit Card company has to say about the service.

  34. I subscribed for one month only to this site. My membership was due up on 17th Feb 2010, but I now see that they are going to bill me for another month, without my permission. Not happy! There are a lot of genuine guys on there though, being taken for a ride when I speak to them.

  35. Christine says:


    Well what I have to say is that I’ve had a horrid time in illicit encounters .UK dating site.This site is dealing with members that are scammers,as soon you block a user for suspicious reasons or insults the site deletes your profile.We women have no defence at all, the site administration don’t really care about “scammers” they want their money from any membership and they do not care if a women has been a victim of a scammer.That web site should be barred from internet.Just because women don’t pay so they are left into the hands of gold diggers,fake, scammers looking to corrupt our computers,pishing and hacking.I repeat illicit encounters .UK it’s not a safe dating site.Their clients are scammers abusing on innocent married women.I’ve been a victim and I wish to report that scammer somewhere.

  36. speedy says:

    maybe it’ just me. I tried this site and to my frustration felt completely ripped off.

    I did receive a lot of responses. However, when it came to meeting anyone, the account was deactivated. Even when it seemed both parties were enjoying good conversations. Many of the ladies (I don’t believe they are not all sat in one room typing away) decided to either try again with their husbands, Got caught by their husbands just as we were arranging to meet and dropped out or dropped off the face of the earth. Never to be seen again. When I asked in sincerity if they were decoys, their accounts vanished. I don’t believe the site is true.

  37. dave says:

    You were conned, just like many others are but due to the nature of the site, people are scared to go to the police.
    Post it in as many forums about white label dating that the company is a scam.@speedy

  38. Chas Ali says:

    This Marial Affairs website is a waste of money. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP. I lost £50 for 3 months subscription. Been on it, no winks, no replies and no contacts, no-one seems to have been online for weeks .
    I have reported them to the Trading Standards. Can’t believe I fell for it !!!!!!!

  39. Mac says:

    I suspect this website is a con as I came across another called Date a Domme which had more or less the same ads from female members! Now call me cynical but I can’t believe the female members of Marital Affairs would also be members, en masse, of a female Domination site! Something stinks! Surprised they seem to have press/media endorsements.

  40. Amanda says:

    so where does a 42 yr old horny female go?

  41. Temitope Odurinde says:

    Amanda :

    so where does a 42 yr old horny female go?

    As a woman the world is your oyster, there are so many sites you can go and most of them tend to be free for women. Just do a search in you favourite search engine.

  42. Pablo D says:

    I endorse all of the above comments. I’ve been a member of several dating sites (mainstream and married) and have never come across one so ruthlessly blatant in it’s rip off marketing techniques as Marital Affair, and one where you’re less likely to actually find what you’re looking (and paying!) for. Fake profiles sending fake messages at strategic times of your subscription cycle is the norm. Steer clear I say. I’ve now joined Illicit Encounters. Whilst it is expensive, the people seem wholly genuine and I’m in communication with several likely candidates as we speak.

  43. peter says:

    I tried 3 sites and paid twice. Marital Affairs was cheapest but I got the impression that I was talking to their paid staff rather than female members!
    I also paid for illicitencounters. I have to say it was rediculously expensive but i did meet genuine women and spoke to loads more. I did see some scammer profiles (you know, too good to be true and looking for love) but they seemed to be taken down within a very short time so I got the impression the site was policed properly. I’m saving up to renew my membership 😉

  44. dave says:

    for anyone out there, white label dating who own marrital affair also run “out of town affairs” and now “Gilf dating”, the owners should be reported to the police.

  45. Seb Houghton says:

    Well I have been a member of Marital Affair for a few weeks and I have already met three women and declined a meet with another…all exchanged e-mails and txts with pictures etc…Yes I am a real guy and you do have to send quite a few messages with a bit of chat etc but the outcome of a couple were just great.

    Again you have to check out the real ones.

    Good Hunting

  46. Razor says:

    Seb Houghton must be a shareholder of Maritalaffairs or a complete fantasist.

  47. Andy says:

    I’m glad I found this site – it just confirms all of my suspicions. Well, to be honest, they weren’t just suspicions – it is really easy to tell that a lot of people on here are just sending generic emails. I signed up to,,, and have just found The sites all follow the exact same format and I am receiving emails from the same people on different sites. I did sign up for just one month last year and I did actually meet 2 women from on there so I know they were genuine as they were very pleasant meetings but it is tedious sorting through all of the fake messages. I just started asking direct questions which were totally ignored – even when I was outright accusing them of being fake – it was hilarious really (after I had got over the fact that I was being conned). Like I say, there are some genuine ladies on there – usually the ones without pictures – but I would say that 90% are fake.
    Does anybody know any real sites worth trying?

  48. Temi says:

    Have you heard of Illicit encounters? ( they are said to be the best genuine UK married dating site.
    There is also loving links, those two actually have their own database. I think illicit encounter is the best.

  49. Mica01 says:

    I agree with all the complaints above. However, has anyone had any men posing as women on Illicit Encounters! I have – and tbe sight of a large adams apple on one “woman” who was clearlty wearing a wig is enough to put any alpha male seeking a illicit encounters! Take care…

  50. Claire Robson says:

    First of all I will try to defend Marital affair I joined them a few years back and I think you will find there were a lot of fake profiles on there. I then come across sexmeup which I found was the same site but cheaper. Then both sites become free to all females which was a real result for us women, now even though you will still see a few fake profiles, there are a lot more real ones then before. I see a lot of people are saying you get the same message from the same person from different sites…all I can think of is that women get the chance to send out a message to a few hundred men at the same time and I guess because most of the adult sites now on google are run on the whitelabel dating platform then that same person will be in their database. If I was a guy then I would stick with one of these sites on whitelabel NOT illicit encounter, who is going to pay £119 P/M only some sad desperate idiot. Oh and by the way I guess illicit encounter have got their staff spamming this site just look at the comments on this site. Who writes things like ‘I think illicit encounter is the best’ or ‘I joined illicit encounters and met so many women’ Come on open your eyes guys these are spammers and if you cant work that out then you deserve to lose £119. One last thing all you men who say ‘I joined ………..and never got a response back’ Well try and change the way you talk to women. Most of the message I receive say thing like ‘ Do you want to see a photo of my cock?’ or ‘My number is 07456 666777 call me’ Do you really think your going to get a response????? Anyway sorry Im going into one now…hope you learnt something today.


  51. PaulStarGazer says:

    I think its undoubtedly the case that there are lots of scam profiles on

    However, I have to confess, I have had two successes (both married women, ‘not getting any’ at home) within a fortnight or two of signing up.

    I also had a first date with another married woman who said afterwards she didn’t fancy me (! fair enough; you win some, you lose some). In addition, I’ve had 3 ‘potentials’ where I decided that my standards weren’t THAT low!

    So, bottom line, although MA is populated with scam profiles, there ARE real people out there too.

    I’ve had more success on Most of the women say that they aren’t into one-night stands and NSA fun. Bollix. The vast majority I’ve met and been ‘successful’ with have been exactly that!

  52. Pablo D says:

    My problem with Marital Affair is that they share your data with dozens of other dating sites so you have no control on where your profile is being seen. For a married person seeking a secret affair, hugely dangerous!! Stick to ones who promise to never share your personal data if you don’t want to get caught!