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London is known for its open minded inhabitants and the success that dating services, both traditional and kinkier, have among singles and committed people. However, having 3.5% of one’s geographical population active on married dating specialized websites is rather concerning.

Finding out that the majority of all those 3.5% are women is even more puzzling, but these are pure facts, not fiction. And it happens in the North of London, in Hampstead, where wealthy people no longer seem very wealthy when it comes to emotions and relationships stability.

Married and dating interested women who reached their 30s are more and more often caught by their husbands while exchanging promiscuous messages with their lovers on social networks, mobile phones and e-mails.

Some may think that this phenomenon is related to the fact that these women are neglected by their husbands, only that they also neglect their husbands in order to achieve that professional success and be financially independent. With other words, the reason why women in Hampstead resort to married dating is the fact that they are not dependent on their husbands and therefore are not threatened of being dumped or divorced.

As they can very well live on their own, many of them decide however to keep the life they lived up to that moment and only find sexual satisfaction and gratification elsewhere than at home.

 Illicit liaisons specific to committed women however are not at all strange according to relationship counselors and psychologists who claim that the more of a high life one enjoys, the more chances he or she has to strike up an affair.

To draw a conclusion, Hampstead is now famous not just because people are naughtier in there, but because there are more rich people in there. Who knows how soon will this area take the place of Richmond, the current number one in London?

Once upon a time famous for its wealthy inhabitants, Hampstead is now twice more famous for its surprisingly naughty residents. But do people in there have this appetite for saucy affairs by their own nature, or it is just the congestion of wealthy people, who were scientifically proved to be more likely to cheat, the one that made married dating to thrive in there?