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Dating while married or married dating as its called in the dating industry is the type of dating for married people who want a bit on the side. It is not unlike having your cake and eating it, a secured loving partner at home and liaison with another person out that you have not given the same king of commitment to as the one at home.
If you listen to evolution Biologist take on liaison with someone who is not our spouse, they argue that this is the way humans are programmed, monogamous relationship is a cultural invention humans impose on themselves because our genetic makeup contain the code that predispose us to polygamy.  If you take a religions view, the Christian faith encourages one man one woman relationship while Islam allow a man to have up to four wives. But from time immemorial, despite the constraint religion and society impose on  us having another woman or man beside our wives or partner is common. It was even immortalize in a song by Soul singer Billy Paul, part of Billy Paul’s lyric about married dating goes as follows:

Me and Mrs.Jones
We got a thing goin’on
We both know that it’s wrong
But it’s much too strong
To let it go now

We meet every day at the same cafe
Six-thirty and no one knows she’ll be there
Holding hands, making all kinds of plans
While the juke box plays our favourite songs

Giving that online activities especially online dating is now quite popular all over the world, it was no great surprise to see the arrival of married dating websites. The go by various names ranging from the subtle names to the outright and aptly names married dating. Some of the dating sites have a huge number of members, illicit encounters one of the leading UK married dating boast of over  300,000 members.

An up and coming married dating site called Very Naughty goes a step further, not only does a large section of its database included the married but looking members but its also boasts of single members who do not want to be married, just taking control of their life and sexuality by finding compatible members they can have no strings attached (NSA) relationship with (For example join Other sites such as Sex Date Personals just appeal to the sexually adventurous one whether married or not.

Some of the things that are common with married dating website includes the fact that they tends to charge more for membership and enjoy more renewal and customer retention as the average membership life is significantly longer than the traditional singles dating site, this makes adult dating segment of the dating industry more lucrative than the regular singles dating sites.

For those considering starting a adult/married dating site, you can start your own by creating your site from the scratch or join an established dating platform provider who will do all the handwork in the software, support and basic marketing for you will your main task will be to move the site forward and recruit more members.