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Married Dating Sites – Illicit Encounters is the Best?

When it come to finding a married dating site so that you can find a man or woman to have that affair you have been thinking for a long time, several dictum comes to mind. The first one is “caveat emptor” or let the buyer beware for there are hundreds of affairs dating sites (also known by several guises including adult dating, causal dating and married dating) that are complete rubbish ranging from those stuff full of fake profiles other with genuine profiles but are white label version of another company’s site.
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The second dictum that should sprint to mind when looking for a good married dating site is “buy cheap and buy twice” the reason for this is the fact that many of the dating sites in this niche use prices to attract would be user but what is the point of buying a cheap services that does not actually provide you the services you paid for?

You only need to read some of the comments users of some well know married dating site left to appreciate that you need to
choose carefully. Some of the users complain about fake profiles, other complain about the ratio of women to men being too much and other complain of getting message from female members who see to be planted on the site.

Of all the reviews and feedback left for Illicit Encounters, not a single one of them complain about fake profiles, disproportionate number of men to women and other common complaints directed at Married Dating sites, the only complain is about the price, Illicit Encounters is said to be expensive.
While other married affairs dating sites seem to charge anything between £9.99 to £29.99 or thereabout for 1 month subscription, Illicit Encounters charge about £120 for 30 days membership. This is where the buy cheap buy twice dictum come to play. It would seem more sensible to buy ‘expensie’ subscription at illicit Encounters and meed married women than pay “cheap” subscription at other married dating sites and not meets the kind of woman you are looking to meet, if you meet any woman at all in the first place.

Some of the features that set illicit encounter apart from the rest

  • Regular relevant matching profile notification (illicit encounters competition such as Loving Links does not have this feature.
  • illicit encounter probably has  the largest genuine UK married dating database with about 500,000 members.
  • You can temporarily pause your membership for a few weeks, for example when you are on holiday.

You can find out more info and sign up for Illicit Encounters here

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20 Responses to “Married Dating Sites – Illicit Encounters is the Best”

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  3. T3ad2010 says:

    illicitencounters is a complete scam. The profiles are fake. As soon as you sign up, you miraculously get messaged by wonderful sounding women. Once you pay the huge fee, they disappear. Look closely at the profile text – same copy, same spelling mistakes. Stay clear. It’s a total scam. They know you won’t complain because of the nature of the site.

  4. idontthinkso says:

    Totally disagree with T3ad2010. Although there are undoubtedly some fake women on the site I have, over the last three years, chatted to lots, met quite a few and had affairs with a several women I have met on the site. All were genuine and in the same situation as me. I think one of the only problems is that they do not let you delete your account totally without quite a bit of hassle as this would make their numbers look smaller – in ths though it is no different to any other site. Having tried some others, I would recommend IE.

  5. T3ad2010 (is correct) says:

    Clearly correct (T3ad2010). Don’t be taken in by the numerous ‘fake’ women who proactively contact you after you’ve done your profile (just set up several profiles in different areas and you’ll soon see the regulars !). As a theme, women don’t contact you proactively as they’ll be contacted by hundreds of other men anyway (well unless I’m just incompetent, poor & ugly ?). If you’re not paid up as a gold member then you’ll be contacted regularly. However, this is just the organisation itself trying to get you to sign up. However, my impression is that the bulk of the profiles are genuine but be prepared to be proactive. It’s a shame as it is a little underhand isn’t is ‘Sarah’ ? Most of the genuine women on the site are pretty special, albeit do not suffer fools gladly !

  6. Jojo says:

    Have been a female member of Illicit Encounters a couple of times. There is a large number of female members simply as they do not have to pay a joining fee. I was intially disappointed in the number of men who just wanted to chat, or worse, were simply looking for online fun! But I met a wonderful man and we are having a fantastic time. I’d say give Illiit Encounters a go..but be patient !

  7. Chris says:

    I have chatted to and met many women during my various times that I was a paid-up memeber of IE. Of these I’ve had sexual relations with seven. Indeed most of these were the hottest women I’ve ever met … and I’ve “met” quite a few from various sites! I’d add that I’m 50, of average looks and build, and married so hardly Mr Perfect.

    The service / support received from IE has been good. However I do now suspect that they are adopting similar tactics to other adult sites. I’m not currently a gold member and regularly receive messages from women located either 250 miles away or at unstated location. More over the “new users suitibale for …” emails contain old members. I know becasue I’ve had prior conbtact with several!

  8. Sauvignon says:

    There is some truth in all of these posts. IE has genuine women members – I have met some and am conducting an enjoyable extra-marital affair with one. But they also have fake women to entice you in and get you to pay the rather steep £129 a month. If you are not a Gold member and get a message from a woman it is alsmost certainly a fake message – don’t join up becuase of that. However if you do pay up – there are real women too.

  9. BBB61 says:

    They claim exclusivity, but when women can join for free and men have to pay an extortionate rate to join that is never going to happen. There are plenty of timewasters on IE and this will continue until female members have to pay to join as well. So much for sexual equality.

  10. SpellingMistake says:

    Don’t waste your time.

    Sorry, this site really does NOT work. I thought the high price would justify the quality. Having made a lot of effort to write a genuine and thoughtful profile, it’s come to no avail. I never actually got a response from any of the women I liked. Occasionally I do, to say no thanks. But that’s it.

    Now some of these profiles are definitely fake. And there is sadly a high ratio of men, so women have the pick. Plus a lot of them want their ideal. They’re way too fussy it seems.

    I wish it wasn’t the case, but this was so very much a waste of £129.

  11. serious says:

    Like T3ad2010, I was contacted by numerous ‘ lovely ‘ women, lots of virtual Kisses, and as soon as I joined …GONE!

  12. Fantomas says:

    I’ve used IE in the past, met some women and had an affair with a couple of them.
    Among the different “married but looking” web sites I’ve registered with IE seemed to have the more genuine women. But IE was not completely honest.
    They were saying that they were so confident about the fact that only genuine women were available on their web site that they would offer a free month subscription to anyone who would find a non genuine profile. I found a woman offering professional services and reported her to IE administrator, then claimed my free one-month subscription. They replied that the woman was genuine but agreed she was not the kind of women expected on their web site. So they only offered me 3 extra free days.

    From a personal point of view I felt that IE was generating unfair practice and behaviors as women don’t have to pay when men do. Woman have all the time they want / need to browse, choose, discuss, meet, etc… to find someone they’d love to develop a relationship with. But men have a limited time. Therefore men are naturally looking for some ROI / productivity. Until women pay for this service, men will consider women as some sort of “investment” on IE.

  13. Marcus says:

    Illicit Encounters is a total 100% scam site, designed to steal money from unsuspecting men. It baffles me as to how these people are allowed to continue scamming. A few – and I emphasize – a few men get lucky, and these tend to be the ones who are prepared to sit at their PCs for several hours every day sending messages to virtually every woman who joins. If you are tall, slim amd rich it certainly does help! Sadly, many of us are none of these, and in this case don’t have much of a chance. Women are always available to the rich – they don’t need IE. For ordinary short, fat middle income blokes IE is not likely to be much use I’m afraid. Most of the women on IE seem real stuck-up cows full of pretentious BS and fancy ideas. My opinion: avoid.

  14. Pablo D says:

    I’ve been a member of many dating sites, both singles and married ones. Most have engaged in some kind of sharp marketing practices. The only one that I’ve had success with is Illicit Encounters. I’ve yet to read posts anywhere from guys who have met and had affairs with genuine women on either of IE’s competitor sites Ashley Madison or Marital Affair. If you join the former you’re played like a violin by their slick scamming operation and if you join the latter your profile will also appear on dozens of other seedy ‘adult’ sites. IE has worked for me without me being a ‘saddo’ who has hours to spend online every day chatting up all and sundry. Try posting a witty, confident but self deprecating profile and you’ll be inundated with responses from genuine ladies like I have been.

  15. TheCad says:

    I’ve been a full member of Illicit Encounters on three occasions and on each I’ve met a lady with whom I’ve had an affair. It’s not rocket science! Be warm, witty and normal and you’ll find you get the responses you’re seeking.

  16. mauricemicklewhite says:

    Sorry to hear about your experience but it makes me think you must have been on a different site entirely or you’ve described yourself as an ugly dwarf. My Illicit Encounters experience has been totally positive and I’ve been a member for two years (luckily my wife doesn’t look at my credit card statements!).Expensive yes, but it works. I’ve had a series of affairs with women I’ve met via the site having previously sampled others. I wouldn’t pay my money anywhere else now.

  17. NatWest says:

    I’ve just had a week on marital dating site Ashley Madison, having previously been a member for several months on Illicit Encounters. What a let down and waste of money! Most women on Ashley Madison seem to be either fake or asking fro money. The entire experience made me feel soiled and violated! It’s made me realize that Illicit Encounters, although on the surface expensive, is actually by far the best value for money dating site in this genre. On Ashley Madison I soon worked out that they use the fake profiles to sucker you into using up your credits fast. My £49 worth only lasted 3 days during which time I had a few chats and sent out a dozen or so introductory messages without getting very far. On Illicit Encounters my £129 allowed unlimited communications over a month and the opportunity to get closer to the finishing post – i.e. a meeting with a genuine person! This (and more!) I’ve done with a few ladies on the site now and I plan to go back to Illicit Encounters soon for more!

  18. MOUSE says:

    I have used this site on/off for 3 years and have met many men
    GOODNESS…Why do they pay and then not go though with it!!!!!
    Two nice guys..full of then selfs and what they were going to do…BOTH bottled it!!!
    then there are the online W**KERs who want dirty they can play!!!
    But….saying all that made some great friends,had amazing sex,and have now got a very cute lover:O)
    If you want it…….just keep trying

  19. charles says:

    It may be the best and there are plently of real women on there. I’ve met some. But there are also plenty of what seem to be fakes who tend to melt away after a couple of texts like T3ad2010 says it’s easy enough to recognise them after a while but this must be a scam run by the IE team.

  20. ann says:

    I’ve been a member of IE on and off for about 3 years, I’ve had some great affairs, but I have to say too many men expect the world for a virtual kiss. When I am looking I take it seriously, my best affair to date was by me approaching him.

    I wonder if the men who are disillusioned are really looking for an equal for an affair or a “bit on the side”. Any man who even makes a meet with me has to be 110% honest, and I spend a lot of time talking before I decide. My view is its worth their effort, I know what I want when I see it. I’d guess 1 in 10 at most of the contacts has actually paid attention to what I’ve said, and address that in their initial contact. Looks don’t matter have refused to meet some amazing looking guys, just not felt the spark in the conversation.

    I don’t think I’m alone, ie that its not a scam, just a lot of unreal expectations. I guess after the first it becomes easier, but I wouldn’t consider another website, I meet men of a type I would meet in my “normal” life (ie they can afford it and don’t see the cost as excessive), just make sure they are sufficiently removed to not be a threat, all about education/ work/ family life.