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It is no surprise that is known as the world’s largest online dating website.  With over 20 million members and a presence in 37 countries with websites in 18 languages, this match making website has truly revolutionised the process of people finding their partners over the Internet.

It is interesting to note that draws a significant part of its membership from the United Kingdom and its UK operations have been a roaring success.  This success in the UK has enabled the site to offer some exciting features and benefits to its UK members, besides some other standard ones as under: 

·    When you go in for a six month subscription and you are not successful making a match, then the site is generous enough to grant you another six months of subscription free on the condition that you do not withdraw your profile and email a specific number of people every week.
·    Free 7 day trial with unrestricted access to all features of UK
·    The profile that the site asks you to fill in is pretty detailed and is a good thing for serious seekers of partners, as it also asks you to put down what is it that you would want in your prospective partner.  This sort of clears things and puts it in perspective.  Hopefully, through this exercise, you will get what you see in the profile of your partner and vice versa.  It encourages people to be them selves and honest about their expectations.
·    Basic and custom search options available
·    Hints and tips are provided from the folks at to get you going, which is necessary for you to get accustomed to the features of the site and the appropriate way to use them.
·    You can get to know if the person you have emailed has read your mail or not by paying something extra.
·    You can also get email alerts sent to your mobile by making extra payment.
·    The match messenger lets you chat online with other members of your choice.
·    The site organises events for its members, there is no compulsion to attend.
·    Reverse match feature allows you to see members whose characteristics match yours.
·    The “Not Interested” feature allows you to avoid unwanted winks and emails.
·    Windows live alert feature that notifies you immediately of any contact made by any member through mobile, email or MSN.

The rise of

The foundation for this amazing run of success was laid way back in 1995 when the folks at decided that they would use the power of the internet to create an avenue for people to find each other and remove the chance factor of finding one’s love that seemed to be governing everybody’s life till then.  Let us face it.  Prior to the internet and sites like, you could only hope and pray that you bumped into somebody interesting in your day to day life.  Even after the advent of the internet, you still had to sift through several boring profiles before realising that the site did not have a member fitting your thoughts and requirement. Now with a site like, you can filter the search for your desired partner to some match words or key words and the site will throw up possible matches for you.  This again is an innovation that has gone beyond conventional searches by age, zip code, special interests etc and provides a lot more options to the individual looking for his partner.  They have really narrowed down the search parameter criteria to such an extent that the chances for finding a partner of your choice are greatly boosted.

Another advantage with a site like is the facility of members able to see the profiles and understanding them before actually getting to meet with them.  This makes for a diverse pool of people looking for a serious relationship and is borne out by the marriage statistics resulting out of the matches on this site.

How does it exactly work?

Well, you can set the ball rolling by first joining as a member and posting your profile.  This is a free service and lets people know that you are on the look out for a partner.  The free browsing also allows a member to post pictures and send out winks to persons who catch their interest.  By now, you will begin to acknowledge that this site can really throw up your choice of a partner pretty quickly and that’s when you can take it further and subscribe to the site.  This will allow you unrestricted access to every other member and with a dedicated email address; you can reach out to many potential partners of your choice. You would also get to know of the members who have viewed your profile and that gives you a foot in the door opportunity to press further.

If there is one thing that the site could do better on, it is the categorisation of dating into various types such as Green dating, Niche dating, Naughty dating etc, so that the search is narrowed down further and specific interests of people are channelised and made known to other members in a better fashion.